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Track By Track: Thousand Thoughts’ Self-Titled Debut EP

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Rock Sound 18 April 2019 at 15.51


Thousand Thoughts released their debut EP recently, and in celebration, the band have given the backstory and meanings behind each song, track by track.

Take it away, boys!

'This One's For You'
"'This One’s for You' is about being there for not just the ones you love, but anyone who is in need of help. Influenced by the honesty of 'Drown' by Bring Me the Horizon, 'This One’s for You' was written with the desire to reach out to those in need of support. 'This One's for You' was actually written in 2015, being one of the first songs written for the 'Thousand Thoughts' project."

"'Perspectives' explains failing to view things from other angles due to depression and anxiety, through ironically using multiple points of view. With inspiration from Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park and Bring Me the Horizon - this song was created to tell the story of inner turmoil. 'Perspectives' was the final song written for the EP, but the 2nd to be released.

“’Focus’ is about dwelling on negativity, from a first-person point of view. It covers the topic of self-loathing, but also explains briefly about putting on a facade and how keeping the pain hidden affects you. Inspired by the honest depth of ‘Black Hole Sun’ by Soundgarden, ‘Focus’ tells a story that people can understand and relate to. ‘Focus’ was originally created and used alongside four other tracks, as an EP for a college assignment.”

"’Ignite’ comes from the struggle to find where you belong. The importance of this song is that everybody in the world has different stories to tell, but we all struggle with finding where we fit in. Instrumentally, the song was inspired by the rhythmic flow of ‘My Curse’ by Killswitch Engage. ‘Ignite’ was written by Ethan and Jack, and they both have their own meanings behind the lyrics.”

'Thousand Thoughts EP' is available now worldwide through Marshall Records.

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