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Track By Track: The Bottom Line’s Brand New Album ‘No Vacation’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 20 June 2019 at 14.39

Ahead of of The Bottom Line's second album dropping tomorrow, we're going in track by track.

The Bottom Line's new album 'No Vacation' is set for release tomorrow through Marshall Records! Ahead of its release, we had the band explain each track on the album - check it out below.

01. 'Reasons'
'Reasons' was one of the first songs we wrote for 'No Vacation'. Its actually I think the fourth or fifth version of the song. It was in a big pile of maybes for a long time, but it had a that killer heavy intro that got everyone bouncing. So we actually toured the song like three times, it didn't have a name and it never had lyrics in the verses, so every night I would literally make up the words on the spot. The only thing that is the same with the current version is the chord progression, and the heavy octave riffs. It even had a guitar solo in it!

The lyrics that we had in it were always about the same thing though. Never giving up, while living in a world of shitty people in the music industry. We would always sit and wait for opportunities we had been given by people which never ended up happening. So we made our own opportunities and never gave up.

02. 'She Makes Me' 
'She Makes Me' is a straight up pop-punk love song. It's about a girl that I really liked, but I knew was a no-good piece of work. It would have been a terrible idea, but I couldn't resist - it drove me insane. Luckily I came to my senses and I wrote this song instead of pursuing anything.

03. 'Over & Over'
'Over & Over' was the last song we wrote for the record - it literally came out of nowhere, and I wrote it in about two hours. The song is kinda in the name - I like to keep things simple with my songs. The song is all about the monotonous lives we all live without realising, never really breaking out of our comfort zone, just following the rules every day. Sometimes it's good to start over, start breaking the rules and getting out of your comfort zone.

04. 'Bad News'
'Bad News' was originally written to go on our record 'I Still Hate You', and it's by far the most old-school, and back with our older sound kind of a song. We wanted to keep some more old school in the record to keep our long-term fans happy - and 'Bad News' is essentially the closest The Bottom Line will ever get to a punk rock song, while still being considered a pop-punk band. The song is about someone who tries to tempt you into making terrible decisions, which at the time seem like a very good idea.

05. 'Doomed'
This is by far the most important song on the record. Without this song, the record would not have fallen into place like it did. 'Doomed' is the only song that we wrote as a whole group - not just the whole band, but our crew too. We were in the middle of a four-month world tour which was truly tearing us apart. We ran through hurricanes, exploded vans in the desert - everything. We really thought the world had it in for us, so we sat by the Key Club in Leeds and wrote the entire thing in a couple of hours. Everyone was so stoked - it really brought the morale of the tour back up, and the songs for the rest of the album just flowed from there.

06. 'Gone'
When I wrote this song I really wanted to write a song like Kelly Clarkson - I loved the idea of having electric lo-fi drums with guitars. 'Gone' is a song all about my hometown - it's a small place where everyone knows everyone and no one is really to be trusted; if you vanished the next day no one would care, or probably even notice. I felt like I was just rotting and wasting away in my town, so decided to break out as much as possible.

07. 'Like The Movies'
This song is a funny one - it really sounds like a generic love song from the outside, but it's actually about a really elaborate dream I had about Taylor Swift this one time. She was wearing a beige trench coat, and we stood on a bridge while deeply in love. Then out of the blue, she left me and I spent my entire dream chasing after her. That made me jump to the conclusion she was a bitch - and I made it into a song. I'm so happy with how this song came out!

08. 'Everything'
This song is by far the oldest song on the record - so old that it was meant to be on our last two records but never made it. It became a fan favourite when we toured Europe for eight weeks with Simple Plan, and people demanded we put it on the record - so we listened to our fans and made it happen! It's just a straight up song about love, and if I'm honest doesn't make much sense, but it's such a feel good and catchy song that I'm glad it made the cut. I can't wait for our fans to hear it in such good quality!

09. 'California'
I wrote this song while in Sacramento on tour. It was my first time in California, and it was something I'd been dreaming of for so long that I kind of imagined that maybe I would never get the chance to visit. When I arrived it was everything I'd ever wanted - gorgeous weather, kind people. I fell in love with the place and never wanted to leave. When we left I would sit in the van and day-dream about being back in Sacramento, and wonder what the rest of California was like.

10. 'In Your Memory'
In your memory was originally the chorus for 'Reasons'! We decided it didn't fit as well as it could, and I had another song which was unfinished, so we matched the two tempos and boom! That made 'In Your Memory'! The lyrics are about when I would go through stages of super unproductiveness - I would sit in my room and shut out the world, and reminisce about better times.

Check out The Bottom Line's brand new album 'No Vacation' when it drops tomorrow through Marshall Records.

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