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Track By Track: Sick Of It All

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 23 February 2010 at 19.55

Sick Of It All drummer Armand Majidi tells Rock Sound the stories behind the songs on new album ‘Based On A True Story’

'Based On A True Story' is the ninth album from New York hardcore legends Sick Of It All. To get excited for the release Rock Sound spoke to drummer Armand Majidi to get a track-by-track explanation of what the new record is about. Enjoy!

01. Death or Jail
"There are thousands of things in life that can't be explained, and one of them is what makes people choose the paths they take. We grew up with some people that had good families and decent options, but threw it all away because of drugs and crime. It's easy to imagine this happening if the person had a terrible childhood, but if they had love in their lives, you wonder what made them turn away from it. Maybe it's narrow vision, maybe it's dead-end providence; but either way, they leave behind family and friends that are dumbstruck by how things unfold."

02. The Divide
"This song deals with personal family connections that need serious help. It's easy to claim bad chemistry and avoid certain people, but if you're related it makes it a real challenge. Family is super important, but unfortunately we usually don't treat people the way we should. I've noticed that when I fly and feel vulnerable, all the mistakes and bad behaviors of others become so trivial and should be met with love instead of anger."

03. Dominated
"Some people are willing to give every part of themselves away in an effort to coast through life. It might be in an effort to be viewed as a success instead of a failure, but anyone who so willingly lies down when they should stand up doesn't deserve much respect. It could also be viewed in a personal context, because everyone knows somebody who's stuck being subservient."

04. A Month of Sundays
"The CB's hardcore matinee played a huge part in shaping us during our teenage years, and we never touched on that before in our lyrics. We learned so much during those times and the community that we were a part of was really something special. This song really focuses on the positives we took away from it, and how we want the spirit of those times to continue in the world-wide hardcore scene today."

05. Braveheart
"{We've been playing this intro for years now, when we get people to take sides. It's like war drums - pounding slowly and steadily to build the tension, so when everything let's loose, it's pure chaos. Our booking agent told us about his old days as a football hooligan, and this beat is something they used to intimidate the opposition!"

06. Bent Outta Shape
"In a big city, people are pushed to the edge constantly by the words and actions of others. When you think about it, it's amazing more murders aren't committed! This song was written as therapy - to give the imagination the freedom to murder."

07. LCD
"It seems like loudmouths get their way no matter what. Logical people can't make their point if they can't be heard. Nowadays, ignorance is at such a high level that people are up in arms to defend broken systems and stupid ideas. This song is about the feeling you get when you know your argument is the best but it still loses out in the end."

08. Good Cop
"We've always had to watch out for false prophets. There are way too many who are ready to devote themselves to this man. He's marketable, alright, but as long as he represents one of the two big political parties in this country, our policies will be determined by corporations and morality will be cast aside for the rich to get richer."

09. Lifeline
"It's really tempting sometimes to throw in the towel and just accept a situation you don't find satisfactory. But you have to ask what kind of person that makes you. This song deals with anger and passion as tools to prevent that ambivalence and keep a strong sense of individuality."

10. Watch it Burn
"There are some situations where you know you're making a mistake, but you do it anyway. Sometimes we're slaves to our own self-destructiveness. We live with those demons and try to keep them in check, but we don't always have the last laugh."

11. Waiting for the Day
"No Craig, this one's about people that don't want to stop believing that their lives will improve drastically someday. It takes a lot of patience to deal with our the day-to-day problems, so you figure there's got to be some reward somewhere, right? Maybe that reward will come, maybe not - but it doesn't hurt to live righteously in the meantime."

12. Long as She's Standing
"In London there was St. Paul's, in Stalingrad there was the grain silo - it seems that people in horrible places take great strength from certain structures as symbols of their humanity. This is about how all the most unfortunate people in the most unfortunate circumstances can lift themselves back up to the point that they can turn things completely around in their favor."

13. Nobody Rules
"We're animals. We eat, sleep, shit and make babies. I'll always remind myself of this while I read the news and about history. What makes one animal more special than the other? Conceit."

14. Gone to Ground
"When you travel to a really poverty-stricken place, one of the most striking things is the lack of middle and working class. There's only a few ultra-rich and a whole lot of ultra-poor. If we don't watch out and keep the corporations in check, then pretty soon the entire world will be put into this predicament. That seems to be where capitalism is taking us, so it's time for the middle and working classes to ensure their own survival."

'Based On A True Story' will be out April 19 through Century Media.

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