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Track By Track: Polar Bear Club ‘Clash Battle Guilt Pride’

Andrew Kelham
Andrew Kelham 7 September 2011 at 14.28

Vocalist Jimmy Stadt talks Rock Sound through the band’s third album ‘Clash Battle Guilt Pride’.

Click on the player above to get a first taste of Polar Bear Club's new album 'Clash Battle Guilt Pride'. A massive anthem, just one of the many on album three, due for release in the UK on September 12.

According to vocalist Jimmy Stadt, the forthcoming record has surprise moments that are reminiscent of Foo Fighters, Michael Jackson and The Police. Seriously, read his track by track preview of the record below and head over to to get more on this incredible album and band.

01. Pawner
We had this song floating around, it was new and weird for us but we all loved it. We never planned on opening the record with it but it just came together so nicely in the studio. We needed to get the right guitar tone for the beginning and it's easily my favorite tone on the album. We decided to add some piano to the big crash hits and it just blew us all away. Lyrically, it's about life choices and seeing them through. How doubt can test your love of what you do but also about facing reality.

02. Killin It
This was the first song we wrote for the record. It's about loving something so much that you hate it a little bit too. It has the album title in one of the lyrics as well. Musically we always had a pretty strong idea of how the song would go. When we got into the studio we added some really cool guitar leads that we never saw coming and it gave a new spin on the song for us which was great.

03. Scream In Caves
We worked through a couple of different arrangements of this song. Finally we focused on the vocal melodies until it was just a solid, simple song. It's about feeling a little lost and letting something go to realize how much you loved it in the first place.

04. Kneel on Nails
This was the last song we wrote for the record and we almost scrapped it. We kept it becausewWe just knew there was something to it that we hadn't discovered yet. We hadn't demoed the song with vocals so no one knew what it sounded like until we got into the studio. We finalized the music and then I laid down the vocals with "mock" lyrics because I had yet to write them. We were all so surprised at how it came out. We were certain it would be a B-side or, at most, a later track on the album but we really grew to love it and it's ended up being one of our favourites.

05. My Best Days
This song came together really nicely. People who have heard the record describe it as being akin to a Foo Fighters song or something like that. It's about relationships changing, a lot of the record is. You start out your life and everyone tells you that you can do whatever you want and be who ever you want to be and sooner or later people start looking at you like, 'still?' That's a little but of what it's about.

06. Life Between the Lines
I'm not sure what to say about this song. It has a (sort of) funky chorus. Our producer Brian McTernan described as Michael Jackson-esque. Who knew PBC could do that?

07. I'll Never Leave New York
A bit of a love song I guess, in more realistic terms. Rediscovering young love in a long relationship but not forgetting what you've learned along the way. Musically, it's pretty straight forward and one of the shorter songs on the record. Definitely a personal favourite.

08. Bottled Wind
We had this song for a while and it never really solidified until Nate wrote that guitar lead in the intro. We all heard that and we're like "WOAH!" It's about ambition in a way, what that means and how it changes.

09. Slow Roam
Love this song! There's a real percussive 'Police' vibe in this one. Real different song on the album. It's a little bit about touring and expectations. Musically, it's really plucky - and almost snappy - but grooving. Solid track, lots of different guitar tones on it and a tasty bass line too.

10. Religion on the Radio
Brian McTernan describes this song as a "diddy". It's to the point, just a solid rock song. Again, it's about relationships. It's the sister song to 'I'll Never Leave New York' but the other side of the coin.

11. 3/4 Tango
The most different song on the album for us. Not sure how to describe it musically but lyrically it's a narrative song, something that we never really do. The verses are all different stories tied together by the choruses. I don't want to say too much about this one, it reminds me of Sunny Day Real Estate or Elliott, thats all I'll say!

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