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Track By Track: Owen - L’Ami du Peuple

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 1 August 2013 at 15.29

Mike Kinsella tells Rock Sound the stories behind the songs on seventh album ‘L’Ami Du Peuple’ (friend of the people for those wondering).


01. I Got High
"This song originally had some minor chords mixed in and sounded super 90's Brit-pop. I cut them out, strummed lighter, doubled the drums and somehow it took a turn towards the Peter Gabriel. Oh - and there's a blatant Nick Drake piano chord rip-off (homage?) right after the bridge that happens to be my favorite part of the song."

02. Blues to Black
"Song about touring/tattoos/vanity/masturbation. The usual. If I had any more time in the studio I would've spent it all layering dozens more guitars on this one."

03. Love is Not Enough
"Every so often songs come together easily for me - lyrics, melody, arrangement - and when they do, they tend to he my favorite ones. This, here, is one of those. Straight forward in every way and I got a little help tonally from some happy accidents."

04. Coffin Companions
"I started this song during the Ghost Town sessions but wasn't able to piece it together at the time. I'm glad that incarnation didn't work out because it was a little quieter/more reserved. The working title for it was "Califone Without Hats" because the original demo sounded like a mash-up of Califone and Men Without Hats."

05. The Burial
"This is a cover song by Shirts and Skins, which is a now-defunct band my wife and I started when we got married but then she blew off band practice too many times so I kicked her out of the band."

06. Bad Blood
"If you thought you recognized a part of the shredding guitar solo at the end it means you listened to 'Love Gun' by KISS too many times as a kid (like I did)."

07. Who Cares?
"This one's written about everyone I know but none of them know it."

08. A Fever
"This is me covering myself in the style of rock. I literally got sick after sexing a girl for the first time (and then I married her)."

09. Where Do I Begin?
"Seriously, do you know?"

10. Vivid Dreams
"Another one that came easily. I wanted to keep these last two pretty stripped down/organic (no click, little overdubs, simple arrangements) but didn't like my performance of it while tracking but Neil (engineer/producer) convinced me that's sort of the point of doing it that way and I guess he's right, right? Like how people with no or bad haircuts are cooler than people with fancy haircuts."

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