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Track By Track: Lotus Eater’s EP ‘Social Hazard’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 29 March 2019 at 14.05

Lotus Eater are taking us through their brand new EP, track by track.

Today is the release day for Lotus Eater's EP 'Social Hazard' - and in celebration we're getting the lads to take you through it, track by track. 

Over to Lotus Eater:

This record is like no other, it represents our purest form. We delved inside ourselves and took inspiration from the world around us. 'Social Hazard' is based on true events regarding the danger of the deeply broken modern society we all suffer under - especially in Scotland. Each song takes you through the journey of how certain situations have affected our lives and have driven us from individual indifference, to an anger-fuelled chaotic whole.

The latch is broken. Horror movie and computer games soundtracks have long been a huge influence for us, and similarly to those soundscapes we wanted this to set the tone for what is to come. A Claustrophobic calm before the storm. 

This is where we drag you deeper into our world. 'Yuck' stems from feeling trapped by your thoughts, drowning in anxiety and worry but being cripplingly unable to share that pain with anyone around you. A pain that can quickly turn to directionless rage. 

'The Fear'
You have now been transported to our core – this song just flowed out of us when we were writing it. We’ve always, always been judged based on where we’re from, how we look or the music we listen to. Society serving you its collective dirty glance because your face doesn’t fit makes you feel like shit. Here’s a middle finger for them to look at instead.

Erratic, frantic and full of panic, 'Freak' is about just that – being considered a freak and having your life made miserable by bullies. It can be easy for those insecurities to turn into an overwhelming, unhealthy desire for power – that only ever ends in pain.    

Returning to where it all begins - childhood. The story of a conflicting relationship between mother and child, a relationship defined by one-sided power and neglect. The kid may as well not exist, but they do - and that’s worse. 

A vacuum. The nothingness. 

Your final encounter to end this journey. A song about trying to laugh through the pain of being cast aside but deep down knowing that the mask will never be enough. We’re all broken, in the end. 

'Social Hazard' is available now, worldwide on Hopeless Records.

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