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Track By Track: Inklings’ Debut EP ‘Piece By Piece’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 10 May 2019 at 15.26

Go in on 'Piece By Piece', track by track.

Today Inklings' debut EP is out on Marshall Records! In celebration, frontman Kier Kemp took us through the EP track by track.

Over to Kier:

Piece by Piece is essentially a little exploration into my own feelings. When writing the EP, I felt like I'd lost my identity. I came from one thing that had been all encompassing (Fearless Vampire Killers - my previous band) and had to finally find my own voice, so each song explores my relationships, with other people and myself. 

01. 'Intro'
This does what it says on the tin really. It's not a song, it's a bit of noise to set the scene but you have to put it on a separate track or when skipping you're going to be waiting ages for ‘Ambush’ to come in.

02. 'Ambush'
‘Ambush’ is written from the perspective of a friend of mine that was in an abusive relationship. It broke my heart to watch him blame himself... 'They say that love isn't easy, but I never learned a God damn thing'. Especially as a man there was a real conflict there, the societal expectation to “be a bloke” and
“protect women” vs his urge to protect himself. I look up to him a lot so there was a lot of pressure to not make it throw away. It's ended up being one of my favourites for sure.

03. 'Let Me Know You're Alright'
This time I put the lens on myself. This song focuses on a particular memory from my childhood. I can't have been much more than eight years old and my parents had been going through a tough time, we weren't very well off and money troubles coupled with lifes other pressures had caused them to argue regularly, and that particular day my dad had left. The working title for this tune was 'Quiet House' as I remember it being a grey day and very still, watching my dad drive away in his beat up old grey Skoda. Arrangement wise I styled it after a song by The Killers that I really liked, with the building verses and big chorus.

04. 'Settle Down'
Another song that's had several titles. I shared a demo some time ago called 'Searching' and after months of my drummer Jake referring to it as 'Settle Down’, I eventually changed the name to appease him. He then started calling it by the old name... This one wallows in the nostalgia of my early days in music and puts into words how it was difficult to leave Fearless Vampire Killers and have Laurence, who had previously been a good friend, not talk to me anymore. I was 'Searching' for ways to remind him that we once had a friendship that was separate from all that. Sad really...

05. 'Holding Out'
We have a running theme here. This one used to be called ‘Talking's Awkward’ but I never really liked that name. It's about the period leading up to leaving FVK and how strained and unpleasant it had gotten. It seems odd to keep banging on about my old band now, but some of these songs were written two or so years ago. I think music fans sometimes interpret lyrics to be representative of how an artist feels NOW, when in reality they're more like time capsules. It takes a long time to release a song properly, that's why us musicians get so peeved at how throwaway it can be to some people today. 

06. 'Answers'
This is the only track on the EP that's kind of general. Michael who had been with me in Inklings when we started said "Write a song like ‘Landslide’ by Fleetwood Mac". I wrote a completely different song. It's about getting older and how it feels to lose touch with friends. When you're young you all go to school together, or university but as time goes on it becomes more and more difficult to stay close. People get their own lives, which is lovely sometimes but can come with a price.

All in all, it's a little miserable, but what kind of self-respecting emo would I be if I didn't use music as my outlet ay?

Check out the debut EP from Inklings below:

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