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Track By Track: I Am The Avalanche ‘Avalanche United’

Andrew Kelham
Andrew Kelham 4 October 2011 at 15.05

The triumphant and emotional return of Vinnie Caruana and I Am The Avalanche.

Next week I Am The Avalanche will finally release their second album 'Avalanche United', it took them half a decade longer than we would have liked but it's finally here (and well worth the wait, trust us).

Vocalist Vinnie Caruana has written an exclusive track by track guide to the record, have a read below and get familiar with an album that oozes passion, pride and punk rock bangers from start to finish. Vinnie, talk to us...

01. Holy Fuck
"This song goes a few ways lyrically. It’s definitely about getting through a divorce, looking back on it and also relating it to the band. Not gonna go through two divorces. You don’t turn your back on family. Mikey [Ireland, guitar] wrote the music for this one, I went over to his place, we jammed on it and I immediately caught the melody for the vocals. We knew we had a good one. We called The Ratt [drummer] and played it for him over the phone. He was stoked."

02. Brooklyn Dodgers
"This is a song that pays respect to real New York. The real New York still exists. It’s obviously filled with transplanted people and that is beautiful. This isn't about that. It’s about being here and having that pride and respect for where you are. The history of my family here is rich and I love it. I wrote this song on Kellen's [Robson] guitar at the apartment we shared in Queens. When you showered with the window open, you looked down at the graveyard across the street."

03. Amsterdam
"This song is clearly about our band’s travels to Holland on tour. Typical Americans let loose in the streets. Being gentlemen of course. Gentlemen with heads full of hallucinogens."

04. I'll Be Back Around
"This song addresses anxiety disorder. It’s new to me, but has affected me greatly this year. I'm on my road to ridding my life of this kind of thing, and this song is about getting back to your feet and doing what your body and brain need you to do so you can move on and enjoy life."

05. Is This Really Happening?
"This is the first love song I've ever written. Don't get used to it."

06. This One's On Me
"There's a lot of friend/family/fan appreciation on this record, a product of being home the last few years. This is a drinking song. A celebration."

07. Dead Friends
"This songs a bit darker than the rest. It's about friends losing their lust for life way too early. It's called 'Dead Friends', to remind us of those who have gone before us. Our dead friends would be disappointed if they knew we weren't reaching our full potential. Big mosh part chucked in for good measure."

08. You've Got Spiders
"This song is about the people who you're ashamed to be in the human race with. Creepy crawly little weasels who try to scratch their way into our lives. Roll up the proverbial magazine and smash them before they get too close."

09. The Gravedigger's Argument
"This is a about a gravedigger who realizes that the only way he can fully be done with his wife is to bury her in the backyard. My friend Anthony, from the band Bayside, sings on this one. This is my favorite one to play."

10. Casey's Song
"This song references my friend Casey. He makes his living being the captain of very large boats. He also has been injured more than anyone I know. He's always in a cast, on crutches or a cane. He's really tough and I respect him a lot. I want to take him on a holiday with the royalties I receive from this song."

11. The Place You Love is Gone
"We, as people, take everything for granted. We can’t help it. Sometimes a life-changing thing will happen and wake you up. I'm definitely on the road to not taking things for granted anymore. I think it comes with maturity. You can be gone tomorrow, so what the fuck are you doing with your life?"

12. Gratitude
"This song is a thank you to the family, friends, fans, that we carry the flag for. This record is for you. Thanks for the love and support!!!"

Go see, sing and sweat with I Am The Avalanche at the following shows:

02 - BIRMINGHAM HMV Institute
03 - MILTON KEYNES Crafurd Arms
04 - CARDIFF Clwb Ifor Bach
06 - LEEDS Cockpit 2
09 - LIVERPOOL Masque
10 - GLASGOW Classic Grand
11 - MANCHESTER Moho Live
13 - KINGSTON The Peel
14 - LONDON Barfly
15 - AMSTERDAM Sugar Factory

Tickets here, 'Avalanche United' comes out on October 10 through Xtra Mile Recordings.

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