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Track By Track: Hawks & Doves ‘Year One’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 17 November 2011 at 21.44

A terrible year soundtracked and dissected by former Planes Mistaken For Stars man Gared O’Donnell.


01. Another Hellfire Sermon
"In an attempt to find an anchor in the choppiest of waters of life, the human condition dictates that we search outside ourselves for answers, beacons, truth, respite etc and a lot of times you'll find what your looking for wrong or right (many do this with religion). I tried my hand at AA for a short stint to get my spirit fixed. I found a few truths out, I'm not an alcoholic, I am an enthusiastic drinker indeed, but not a rummy in the least. In fact when I went to AA I wanted to drink more than ever, some people are truly, truly sick and my heart breaks for them, but a lot of people just get bogged in the mire/misery of there own humility and lean on alcohol to get whatever semblance of peace that they can. This song is somewhat about the latter. Long story short I stay the hell away from support groups and still enjoy an adult beverage almost every day, I just stopped letting hooch define and defend me. On a side note that's the mighty Chris Wollard you hear harmonizing with me on the choruses, I think we sound purty."

02. Hush Money
"My stab at writing an Americana song, they seem to be all the rage these days. I failed and decided to mold it into a Tom Petty tune, I failed again but not as bad the second time around, I love the Voodoo Boogie swing riff Darbs and Georgie added at the end (not found on demo/7" version)."

03. Say When
"Truly not a nice natured song, it's hookiness belies the cruel nature of the coded, pointed, extremely esoteric lyrics that lie beneath its sugary exterior. An exorcism to say the least."

04. I Do Declare
"Another song about me feeling sorry about my cry baby ass whilst living in my mom's basement, God bless Jon Gaunt for really pushing this over the edge with that fiddle of his. It really belongs in some epic romance movie, Var said he feels sorry for the people who will get this on mixtapes from scourned and/or new lovers. On a shockingly UNembaressing side note the 45 that skipped all night was 10cc's 'I'm Not In Love'."

05. Get Free
"I'm not sure i'll ever remember what the hell I did to make the intro sound like that. Georgie (Rebelo) really went nuts on the bells on this one. All the gits were recorded at No Idea world Headquarters after hours one dewey Gainesville night. I tried to make them sound like the Deadman soundtrack."

06. 1217's
"I truly have no clue what that song title means, and if I did it would most likely be hidden in the darkest part of my mind. This song is about how they stopped making my favorite shoes, that always happens as soon as I get comfortable with something. But to be true this song is so gross and soul baring, I can hardly listen to it, it's like iIinvited the whole world in to the bathroom to watch me puke in the urinal."

07. Hexing
"Also not a very nice song, pure dark, sweaty, animal sex in a cheap hotel that reeks of stale beer and fuck sauce, Christ, I just typed fuck sauce. Probably my favorite cut, Darb's guitar parts are purely plucked from the ether, I love them, I hope he plays them live with me someday."

08. Wish you were her{e}
"True story, also true they don't sell beer on Sundays in Denver, sooooo stock up on Saturday. Wollard lends his golden pipes on this one as well. Also thats exactly how a bass should sound, Jawbox anyone?"

09. North Of Tenth
"North of Tenth is a song about hope, and the first true love song I'd ever written. It's not about losing, or lost, it's about lasting and loving, and holding on to truth. See I'm not always a creep."

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