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Track By Track: Grayscale’s ‘Nella Vita’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 16 September 2019 at 17.05

There's a lot of stories behind Grayscale's latest album 'Nella Vita' (including the fact that one song is literally about having sex on a golf course, in a thunderstorm).

Grayscale's latest album 'Nella Vita' has been out in the world for over a week now - you've had time to digest it, to listen to it, to love it. 'Nella Vita' happens to be Grayscale's most intensely personal body of work to date, so we asked frontman Collin Walsh to explain the album in full, track by track. Over to Collin:

'Just Right'
"Love and nostalgia - this song is all about reflecting on my younger years."

'Baby Blue'
"This one is about finally seeing a loved one after a long term of silence; unfortunately the setting is bedside, in a hospital."

'In Violet'
"'In Violet' is a song about celebrating life - I spent a lot of time grieving the last two years. I don’t want to anymore."

"This track is about being better to one another."

"Another song about love and nostalgia. If you really want to know, this song is about having sex on a golf course during a summer thunderstorm."

'Old Friends'
"This track is important to me. 'Old Friends' sort of shows the other side of grief - the bargaining part where I find myself relating to my friend who took his own life. I often wonder how much we would’ve had in common if we had time to discuss it all."

'Painkiller Weather'
"Yes this is a real story, no her name is not Madison. This song talks about the pain of being in love with someone struggling with an addiction, accepting that you will never come first no matter how hard you try."

'What’s On Your Mind'
"This track is all about fighting with your significant other, and the brutal honesty of everything that comes along with that."

"A hard one to discuss. 'Asbury' is a song where I gained closure - it tells my story where I finally set myself free from all the guilt and pain I have been through, trying to come to terms with some of the people in my life."

'Desert Queen' 
"'Desert Queen' is a song about love and escapism. I wrote this one with the idea of running away with someone I love in mind."

'In My Arms'
"This track tells the story of someone trying to escape an addiction. You’ll notice the lyrics get more desperate as the song progresses, reflecting a common behavior of somebody trying to desperately convince themselves and the people around them that they don’t have a problem."

'Tommy’s Song' 
"An extremely personal song to me. My younger cousin took his own life last year. He was 20. I wanted to try and write him something beautiful."

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