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Track By Track: Futures

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 3 March 2010 at 15.33

Want to know what all the songs are about on your free Futures mini album? Rock Sound gets lead singer and guitarist Ant West to explain himself.

Futures are giving their debut mini-album 'The Holiday' away for free in the new issue of Rock Sound magazine. Want to know what all the songs are about? Then let lead singer and guitarist Ant West explain...

"This is the song that we first wrote for the album quite a while before the other tracks started to take shape. I wrote the lyrics on the return from my first trip to Paris. I went to city on my own, on a whim not knowing what I’d end up doing for the next few days but to my own surprise I made friends in the city who I still go see every few months. The song is about not giving into temptations that would have only lasted a weekend, and living a life with no regrets. It’s not where I’ve been, it’s where I’m going to go."

Take Me Home
"For me this song is quite pivotal , learning that life goes on and having to deal with change. I’d come out of a pretty heavy relationship, and it’s about meeting someone new, where everything that seemed like routine suddenly feels fresh again. I guess this is the one straight forward love song on the album, she knows who it’s about."

Sal Paradise
"We went into the studio with ten tracks, but Sal Paradise was never a favourite for us until we were driving home from the studio with the final master, it’s up there with Lynyrd Skynyrd when you’re driving! The name Sal Paradise comes from the narrator in the book, ‘On The Road’, by Jack Kerouac. The book was a turning point for me. I wanted to give up everything, buy a shitty Chevy and travel through every state in America. It’s worth a read."

The Boy Who Cried Wolf
"This wasn’t the obvious single when we first headed into the studio for the twenty day session. It was on the drive home from the first mixing session that we saw its potential. There was an old guy sat outside the M5 services, holding a sign saying ‘TAKE ME TO LONDON'. We picked him up and drove him 100 miles to Reading, half way to his FA Cup Final dream. He was the first person to hear our album, a fifty something hitchhiker who grabbed his bags and as he walked to find his next ride he turned and shouted, 'this is the boy who cried wolf! I like that one boys!'."

"This song really sums up my thoughts throughout the album. It was a point where I realised that I didn’t need to be tied down to anyone anymore, life seemed a lot more excited when the person you’re sharing it with is yourself. There is a lot of positivity running through the songs and I think this is the reason why people are starting to take notice. Everyone can take something away from and relate it to where they are. For me that’s why I listen to music."

The Summer
"The aim wasn’t to write a break up album, as I’m pretty much over listening to what other people are hung up on. I did enough listening to that music when I was fifteen. This is a track that is closest to the angst side of ending a relationship and one of the heavier songs on the album as a result. We wrote it with the stage in mind and it’s definitely one of the funnest to play live. It never gets old jumping round and losing your shit, it’s the reason we started being in bands."

Thank You
"We’ve been in different bands for years and our families plus a handful of close friends have always been one step behind, supporting all the choices we make. We’ve made some good and some bad choices but everything seems to be going just right with Futures. It’s as if nothing has happened in the past because it needed to happen at this point in time, we feel everything has happened for a reason to get us to the position that we’re in right now. I wanted to write something that put all our appreciation on to paper. It’s sentimental to us, and gives an insight into how much we’ve longed for recognition. 'I will take you there'."

Rock Sound Issue 133 (featuring You Me At Six on the cover) is out now, each issue contains a free copy of the Futures mini-album 'The Holiday'.

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