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Track-By-Track: Free Spycatcher Mini-Album

Ben Patashnik
Ben Patashnik 31 May 2011 at 09.47

With this month’s Rock Sound there’s a free EP from the wonderful Spycatcher, one of the UK’s best and brightest new bands.

Imagine a caged tiger.

That's Spycatcher, as they waited over the past year to finally release their brilliant debut album. On June 27 the cage doors fly open and a beast called 'Honesty' is unleashed, a gloriously spiky UK rock record with more personality in its metaphorical little finger than most bands can muster up after a decade on tour.

So if 'Honesty' is a tiger then the free five-track EP we're giving away in this month's Rock Sound is its cub - it's smaller and much easier to transport than a whole record, but it's still got the same bite and fizz as its, er, dad. We asked vocalist / guitarist Steve Sears to talk us through the songs on the CD, so if you're keen to hear more then check out the issue here.

'Remember Where You Were When Michael Jackson Died'
"This song is about things constantly changing around you, often for the worse, but remembering why you chose your way of life in the first place. For me, music is the only thing I can ever see myself doing forever, but sometimes it's hard to appreciate how lucky I am when nearly everybody else seems more 'comfortable' - driving a nicer motor or whatever. But the reality is I'd fucking hate to be working a 'regular' job and watching my life waste away behind a desk. Even though it's a simple song, we had so much fun recording this one. The strings were tracked with a battered old violin from a charity shop - none of us actually play but we managed to get Mitch sounding quite the pro!"

"Easily the most personal track I've ever written. It's not a sob story, it's about facing things that happen to you that aren't fair. As a kid I lived with an arsehole who thought domestic violence was okay. It took years for me to tell anybody but I've definitely come to realise the whole thing has made me into the person I am today, so I'm totally fine with it. That's not to say I don't still wish a slow, painful death upon him. Any guy who beats up women or kids is nothing but subhuman scum. I guess it's more an angry song than a sad one."

'Don't Like People'
"This song is really poppy. I demoed it at home in about half an hour and it stayed relatively untouched after that. Most of our tracks end up with a lot of the original parts from the home demos. It's about being out somewhere and realising you have absolutely nothing in common with anybody around you. Surrounded by idiots. Now we all love a jar and a party in this band, but we can't stand the mentality of guys who go out on the weekend, get absolutely wasted, harass women and have a rumble in kebab shops as if it were an aspiration of theirs. And the girls can be just as bad. Every town has people like that."
Spy Catcher - 'I Don't Like People' by RockSoundMagazine

'Good Times'
"It's a track that's been knocking about for years from a band that Mitch and I used to be in with Dan Mumford and Lee Barratt. We always had a soft spot for it so it ended up on the record. I wrote the lyrics as a teenager, so I guess it's a first hand account of growing up! It's nice to have a stripped down track like this in the collection because a lot of the album is jammed with all sorts of mental instruments and noises!"

'Reason To Breathe In'
"This started as a song I did on my own. I didn't think the others would really be into it as it's not exactly a party banger, but they were all dead keen. When Will recorded his mental drums, it took it to a whole new level. It's about a girl who is my best friend and I care a lot about. I don't really write songs about girls, I figure there's enough in the world already - that's probably why it's so cryptic..."

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