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Track By Track: Deaf Havana ‘Fools & Worthless Liars’

Adam Elmakias
Adam Elmakias 18 November 2011 at 16.00

Deaf Havana’s new album as seen through the eyes of frontman James Veck-Gilodi.

Here's a track-by-track guide to our new album 'Fools & Worthless Liars', these songs are very personal and each is a small story that depicts a part of my life. I hope this helps you understand the album a little more. - James

1. The Past Six Years
"This song is really an ode to the past six years of slogging away in a touring band and not really achieving as much as we'd have liked. The song references other bands and friends Mike (Lower Than Atlantis) and John (Young Guns) and how I feel a perpetual bitterness and jealousy towards them in terms of their achievements, despite the fact that they are close friends. The chorus is really just an honest representation of us and how we feel."

02. Youth In Retrospect
"This one is specifically personal to Lee [Wilson, bass] and I, it's about where we went to school and wasted our youth. This song is about nostalgia and how we wish we could go back to the days where a bottle of cider got us drunk and our biggest worry was whether our maths homework would be in on time. I'm constantly battling with the fact that I'm constantly growing older and this song was an outlet for me, the truth is I truly still think that I'm 15 years old in my head, that was the age for me, I miss it."

03. I Will Try
"Simply me trying to be more positive about things. I often have a very negative outlook on the world and I never really appreciate anything, in a moment of clarity I suppose, this song came to me. It's a reminder to myself to try and look on the bright side, the line 'I've got friends who have lost their fathers and they're much stronger men than me' refers mainly to Chris [Pennells, guitar], Jamie (our manager) and my dear friend David Rice, these people have lost family members and yet still find a smile and appreciate all the upsides of life, yet I'm still moaning about insignificant things."

04. Little White Lies
"This song is simply about what it says in the title. All the times I have lied, covered up and been dishonest about anything to anyone I care about, which is more often than I'd like to admit. It also covers the way that lies eat away at my brain and cause me to almost lose my mind, yet I still keep making mistakes and bad decisions. In a nutshell I just wish I could find it in myself to apologise for all these things, and make it up to the people I affected in any way possible."

05. Anemophobia
"The title of this song means a fear of wind, which I have, but the song on the whole though is about anxiety. I suffer from terrible anxiety which is often exaggerated by the aftereffects of consuming large amounts of alcohol. This song was written when I was at my lowest point, I genuinely believed I was dying. I developed extreme hypochondria, frequent heart palpitations and I had a constant excruciating pressure in my head, hence the first line. We never demoed this song so the vocals you hear on the recording was the first time I had ever sung them, and I can certainly hear the desperation in my voice. That is what it was, desperation, I was desperate to record this song before I died, which at that moment in time I believed would be soon. The song is also about how lost I felt and still feel and how most days I don't feel like myself any more. I hope people can appreciate the honesty and genuine fear that went into this song, I think it comes across."

06. I'm A Bore Mostly
"This one is about the mundane daily routine I had when I was living in London. I would wake up for no real reason, sit around all day, watch television while eating and drinking myself into a coma. It was the most unhealthy I have ever been in my life, I couldn't deal with city life, I rarely left the house and found myself sinking into this terrible routine. I didn't really appreciate anything at the time and I had no enthusiasm. This song was an outlet for me."

07. Hunstanton Pier
"This is the most personal song on the album to me. Hunstanton is the name of the seaside town where Lee and I went to school. The song references my friend Phil who taught me how to skateboard, shared my terrible skills at wooing the ladies and how he sadly passed away just under a year ago. It brings me back to the only place I ever really felt at home, and how much I miss it. It's hard for me to sing sometimes because it leads my mind to wander off and think about all the people I used to be so close to and what they are doing now; some have died, most have families of their own now and have accepted the fact that they are adults, whereas I'm still living in a dream world and trying to draw out my childhood for as long as possible. This song is very dear to me and I don't think I would take criticism of it very well."

08. Filthy Rotten Scoundrel
"Scoundrel is simply about me. I am a filthy rotten scoundrel and I need to learn to be grateful and appreciate the opportunities that I have been given. It's also about my fear of living, dying and never really achieving anything. I am not at all an arrogant person but I think if I ever found myself veering towards the way of arrogance then I would listen to this song and hopefully bring myself back down to earth."

09. Things Change, Friends Leave and Time Doesn't Stop For Anybody
"This song is about my dearest and oldest friend Ryan Mellor, who used to be the frontman of this band. He and I have been friends since we were 14 years old. Before he left the band he had to make some terribly difficult decisions and this song is just, I suppose, about how much we miss him."

10. Leeches
"Leeches is about something terrible and unspeakable that happened to someone who once made me very happy. "

11. The World Or Nothing
"The world or nothing is a section from a Charles Bukowski quote; "I wanted the world or nothing", it is essentially about the vicious cycle of feeling lost and resorting to the aid of alcohol while also feeling lost because of alcohol. It talks about how self destructive a lot of us are and how we enjoy abusing our bodies. I believe we are part of a generation that will die young yet none of us, myself included, seem to care."

12. Nelson's County
"This song is about the county of Norfolk and how a lot of the people who reside there seem to have no real ambition other than working a 9-5, raising a family and living a normal life. Obviously I cannot generalise - and I love Norfolk and the people in it - it just seems to almost drag people down."

13. Fifty Four
"Fifty Four is about my girlfriend, and how she puts up with all the shit I give her and my bizarre choice of career. She is my only real sense of normality and I owe her more than I can write down in words for that."

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