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Track By Track: Caspian - Waking Season

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 17 September 2012 at 16.55

Guitarist Erin Burke-Moran guides us through Caspian’s forthcoming third album.


The much beloved Caspian (often name checked by Enter Shikari frontman Rou Reynolds) will be releasing their third album 'Waking Season' next week. The record will be the third full-legnth offering from the Massachusetts based instrumental post-rock and it is as epic, spacey, gorgeous, terrifying, climactic, euphoric, dischordant and beautiful as you would hope.

The band are in the UK for two nights next month (October 12 at The Well in Leeds, 13 at Cargo in London) to play new material, scroll down to read guitarist Erin Burke-Moran's inside view of their latest work. Warning: this feature does involve chaotic end of the world space metal.

01. Waking season
"We were searching, without trying, to find a way to be less chaotic on stage. The texture of the guitars and the overall build move the song and allow for the music to make the movement. It feels good to relax and breathe."

02. Procellous
"This song is a giant sea monster emerging from the depths of the ocean."

03. Gone in Bloom and Bough
"This is our crowning achievement in bringing a true vocal presence to the architecture of our music. I can't believe we managed to play practically the same progression for ten minutes and find interesting ways to explore it. The vocals allowed us to enter this process with a fresh edge."

04. Halls of the Summer
"Phil [Jamieson, guitars/keyboards] wrote the foundation for this song the night he turned 32. It was really a turning point for our band. In the middle of this song somewhere we gathered the necessary tools to communicate and move forward. After months of struggle, we hit our stride."

05. Akiko
"At the beginning of writing this song we decided to approach it with guitar harmonics only. As the song developed, we of course allowed for other guitar textures to emerge as they needed to but it was a great starting point. Strategies like this allowed for us to creatively write a very diverse record."

06. High Lonesome
"This song makes me feel like I am sitting at the edge of a massive cliff. It gives me a sense of peace in the midst of the anarchy surrounding me. I really don't mind feeling that way every once in a while."

07. Hickory '54
"This song seemed to sound different from the moment we began to write it. It had this organic sound to it that was both electronic and joyous. It was the continuation of us reaching for sounds that we didn't use every other day of the week. We have always wanted to make our guitars sound like more than just guitars. The sounds in this song were integral to that orientation."

08. Long the Desert Mile
"We actually ditched this song initially in the writing process. We got to this place with it where nothing was happening and we didn't know where else to go. A few months later, we came back to it with a different perspective and reorganized it. I love the challenge of dismantling and reassembling ideas in a musical setting. Songs are like puzzles waiting to be structured."

09. Collider in Blue
"This is the elevator to hell. The next song is your entrance and awareness of being in such a place. Keep moving forward. Just keep moving forward."

10. Fire Made Flesh
"Space metal, dude. Chaotic end of the world space metal."

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