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Track By Track: Bayonet ‘Self-Titled’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 25 July 2011 at 17.00

Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen introduces us to his new project Bayonet.

Bayonet, the New Jersey hardcore supergroup that features Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen alongside members of The Banner, Suburban Scum and Fit For An Autopsy, are just about to release an incredible debut EP so we tapped up Buddy for a sneak preview of what to expect from the offering.

Listen to two tracks and read all about the 'Self-Titled' release below...

01. Nightmare
"This song is one of the first songs Jeremy [Comitas, guitar] and I ever worked on together. It deals with the idea of feeling lifeless and struggling with the absence of God. I feel like a lot of Bayonet stuff touches on
what my idea of faith is in a Judeo-Christian God. This song just came together very easily and was recorded in about 10min."

02. Who's Gonna Want Me Now
"This is my favorite song on the EP because it's short, fast and to the point. I live in Jersey City which over looks Manhattan, so I see a ton of planes flying across the skyline every day. I started the song off with referencing that and then go on to talk about how missed opportunities can be the death of me. Ultimately I believe, that to certain extent things happen for a reason but in this song I talk about the idea of being loved is always a missed opportunity to me."

03. Harsh
"I think there are haven been like 10 different versions of this song before we settled on the version that is on the EP. I wrote this song looking back on the town I grew up in and just how angry I was about who I was surrounded by while I grew up. I lived in a place where importance on money and looks were more important than artistic expression or intellect, which I am sure is the case in most places but this is me reflecting on that."

04. Black Bird
"Black Bird is another song about growing up with an absent father and the person that is has made me. I wrote all these songs at a very dark time in my life one which I know will never happen again. I have at this point in my life confronted all the issues that I bring up in this song and can thankfully say that this demon has been put to bed. I love the way the song ends."

05. New York Minute
"This is the first song Jeremy and I completed and I think ever worked on. He had a couple songs left over from another band he was working on and showed me this and I just went into the vocal booth and threw out the vocal pattern and it stuck. It was very exciting because I had never worked on music with anyone else other than the guys in Senses Fail and it almost felt like I has cheating on them in a way, haha. I think the song was the start of when I knew that Jeremy and I had something cool going on."

Like what you read/listened to? For more from Bayonet check out and pick up a copy of 'Self-Titled' at this location.

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