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Track By Track: And So I Watch You From Afar ‘Gangs’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 4 May 2011 at 09.59

A great album explored and explained by an incredible band. Could it get any better?

This week And So I Watch You From Afar (ASIWYFA to their friends) are back with second album 'Gangs', a record so good that we had to get the band to walk us through the album one song at a time. Read about the record, pick up a copy and then go check them out at any of their current tour dates (all info at the bottom of this page)...

"Ah the opening track to our new long player, it sounds kinda triumphant doesn't it? The working title for this was actually, 'Triumph', but we decided that we couldn't top the Wu-Tang Clan's classic of the same name. So it's four of the most uplifting, positive and triumphant words we could think of. It rolls off the tongue nicely, and to be honest not a lot of our songs do! We wanted to start of the record to be instant, unlike the first one, AND it starts with Chris [Wee, drums] yelping. We thought it was kinda funny to start the album with a vocal since we're, um, not. It's already been going down really well live in Russia, where everybody clapped along on the quieter bits. Russia, take a bow!"

02. Gang (starting never stopping)
"The working title for this one was, imaginatively, 'Fast'. We are a clever bunch aren't we? That said, that's exactly what this track is! It's one of the most fun tracks we've ever written to play live. It has our interpretation of a rock n' roll breakdown in the middle. It's not exactly the title track as it is in the singular rather than the plural and it's kinda a song for us, because that's what we feel like. That's what we are. A Gang. The, 'Starting Never Stopping', is a cool play on words really, it has got multiple meanings."

03. Search:Party:Animal
"This was the first single of the record. With all the touring we'd been doing for the past few years we noticed one constant all over the world. People like to party AFTER the gig as well as before and during, nothing unusual or wrong with that. We'd been discussing this and the appearence of mephedrone which seemed to be taking over the post gig/club party scene. Neither condoning or condemning it I should stress. Since it was this new legal drug, it was everywhere. "Wheres the party?","Where the meph is!" seemed to be the way of the day. Hence Search:Party:Animal. Julian Friers came up with this gem of a title."

04. 7 Billion People all Alive at Once
"7 Billion People all Alive at Once. How amazing is that? Really think about it for a second, all the possibilities, all the humanity, all the conscious thought, all the SUBconscious thought, all the good, forget the evil. May not be the coolest thing to say in a rock band but its true. Without people you're nothing. This has...well...listen and find out..."

05. Think:Breathe:Destroy
"And on the flipside, we, people, like to break things, ruin situations, upset happiness etc. Although we are capable of the most wonderful things we are equally as capable of taking whatever it is and stamping it to pieces. This is the other schizo type track, along with Search:Party:Animal. It was one of the first songs we wrote for the record and the last to be completed. Its got a real Irish feel to it, which is cool as we are Irish. Funny that.

06. Ghost Parlor KA -6 to...
07. ...Samara to Belfast

"These two tracks go together as the closer of the album so to speak (yes there is another track but I'll explain in a moment). The Ghost Parlour is a house in Manhattan, Kansas in the States. We had a day off on our US tour, and we'd heard so much cool shit about houseparty gigs in the states, the REAL underground, and we managed to land one in this legendary little house. There was about 40 people crammed into this tiny little room and we played and they went fucking nuts. It was awesome in every way.

Samara is a little city in Russia where they build spacecraft(!), we played in a small venue there a few months ago and the place was waaaaaay over capacity and everyone was losing their minds. I think it had to be one of the most Punk Rock shows we've ever played. Belfast is where we're based, its an incredible city in an even more fantastic country on an even more wonderful island. None of us are originally from there but through all these places and everywhere in between, we have been fortunate enough to meet the most sincere, astounding, kind, warm, intelligent and beautiful people. All little gangs of people, all of whom have always made us feel at home. Thank you. We hope you get the travel perspective the track is meant to convey, at ten minutes its the longest piece we've ever composed."

08. Lifeproof
"This is kinda like the end credits of the album! With all of us, listener and band, riding off into the bubbling, bursting, life(proof) affirming sunset, in a samba-line. Partytime."


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