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Top Five Albums Of The Year: iDKHOW’s Ryan Seaman

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 24 December 2018 at 00.42

Because in a year filled with great music, what have band members rated in 2018?

2018 has been a big year for music. A huge year for music. 

We know what our favourites have been- but what have band members spend 2018 spinning? We decided to ask. 

These are iDKHOW drummer Ryan Seaman's top five albums of 2018 (in no particular order). Over to Ryan!

The Interrupters- 'Fight The Good Fight'
It takes you back to the days were punk rock was thriving and these guys give you hope that there still is some good in the world. Every track will blow you away, I absolutely love this record, give it a try even if you're not into the whole ska/ punk thing."

Assuming We Survive - 'Chapters'
"I know England doesn't really know about this band yet, but they could definitely give A Day To Remember a run for their money if they got given the proper chance. They put out this EP this year that I catch myself going back and listening to, they take me back to the days where punk rock started to get "double bass" introduced to the genre. They mix the new and old school punk rock styles. I've always loved this band, it's been America's best kept secret. I hope they make it over the pond soon."

The Dangerous Summer - 'The Dangerous Summer'
"I feel like every time you listen to a record for the first time, it later reminds you of where you were listening to that record and what was happening in your life during that time. I remember when I first heard this, I was driving the iDKHOW tour van somewhere in the mountains of Oregon, driving south to California- it always takes me back there, as the sun was coming up on my late night drive. I really love the arrangements on this album, the musicianship, the lyrics, and the heart that A.J. has when he sings on this record. This is definitely a banger, great job guys!"

Don Broco - 'Technology'
"I have to be honest, I'm kind of set in my ways as far as music goes, and it's really hard to get me to like new "current" stuff- I feel like I find the best things when I'm not trying to look. This band got introduced to me by Michael Bohn (formerly of Issues). I like these guys because they mix funk, soul, modern day music, and some have heavy guitars, and somehow you come up with Don Broco. It's really groovy and makes you want to dance, and I'm excited to see what these guys do next. 'Come Out To LA' is definitely a track worth checking out."

Pale Waves - 'My Mind Makes Noise'
"It was crazy how I found out these guys, I think I was looking up comments on a YouTube video of ours, and next to it, they had a 'Suggested Videos' tab on the side of screen. I decided to give it a try, I clicked it, and I liked it! It was for the song 'Television Romance'. Since then I've been keeping up to date as they've been releasing single and single, which eventually turned into their album 'My Mind Makes Noise' I think all the songs have an identity to where if you turned on the radio and heard it, you'd know right away who it is. I'm excited to keep following along with these guys, I think what they're doing is great."

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