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Top Albums Of The Year: With Confidence

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 30 December 2018 at 11.03

Because in a year filled with great music, what have band members rated in 2018?

2018 has been a big year for music. A huge year for music. 

We know what our favourites have been- but what have band members spend 2018 spinning? We decided to ask. 

These are the albums that the lads in With Confidence have been spinning in 2018!

The Night Game - 'The Night Game'
"This fell on my radar after playing football one afternoon with Martin. An exciting, fresh take on 80’s rock-gone-pop. Some of the best production and melodic writing of 2018."

Yungblud - '21st Century Liability'
"Met the guy at Warped Tour and was hooked when he dropped this album mid-summer. A throw back to Jamie-T. Creative, dirty, pop song-writing."

5 Seconds Of Summer - 'Youngblood'
"The boys fell into pop seamlessly with cutting-edge production and undeniably infectious melodies. Still spinning this one now."

Don Broco - 'Technology'
"Don Broco are one in a million. Words don’t do them justice. Go listen to this album and watch them live."

Various Artists - 'Songs That Saved My Life'
"A bunch of bands came together to record incredible covers of songs that mean the world to them. The proceeds go towards mental health awareness and suicide prevention charities. A great compilation and concept."

Arlington - 'A Walk Through Jackson County'

"When you listen to this album it’s like they’re actually in the room playing it to you. It’s so awesomely raw Rock ‘n’ Roll. Pure talent. 11/10 recommend you listen start to finish."

Masego - 'Lady Lady'
"I love the smooth and funky twist this whole album has. All the unique production is so cool and just makes me wanna dance immediately."

Homesafe - 'ONE'
"I love thrashing along to this album so much. The songs just grab you and make you want to scream along to the lyrics."

Trashboat - 'Crown Shyness'
"Right from the start this album hits so hard and that’s all it takes to get sucked in. It’s such a heavy and emotional ride that really yanks at your heartstrings and makes you fall in love with it. Love, Hate, React, Relate."

King Princess - 'Make My Bed'
"Every time I listen to this album I just get transported to the drive down the Californian coastline at sunset. The tones and melodies paint pictures and the lyrics pull you in and out of reality. So talented. Absolutely love this artist."


Boygenius - 'Boygenius EP'
"I’m a long time fan of Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker so when I heard they were forming a supergroup together with Lucy Dacus I knew it would be special. Mellow, haunting, intriguing and immensely good songwriting. The sounds and vocal delivery on this record will blow you away."

The Story So Far - 'Proper Dose'
"Not many bands can play around with complex grooves and time signatures and still make songs that are so easy to yell and finger point along to but TSSF make it look easy. Setting a precedent for pop-punk writing and performing years ago with their first two records, their last two releases deliver fresh ideas that challenge the boundaries of a genre that sometimes feels starved for something original."

Drug Church - 'Cheer'
"A super fast paced and urgent album laced with riffs, hooks and lyrics that are super candid and to the point. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear the word “enough” rhymed with itself four times in a row."

Stand Atlantic - 'Skinny Dipping'
"Long time friends of mine who are all set for world domination. Bon has one of the best voices in the new wave of bands coming up in the scene. Get on the hype train!"

Confidence Man - 'Confident Music For Confident People'
"An album that feels like a guilty pleasure but is so much more. Everything about these guys is fun from the lyrics to the live stage show. I caught them live while off my head at Falls Festival over NYE and as someone who never dances, let me say, I danced my ass off."

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