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Top Albums Of The Year: State Champs

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 28 December 2018 at 20.01

Because in a year filled with great music, what have band members rated in 2018?

2018 has been a big year for music. A huge year for music. 

We know what our favourites have been- but what have band members spend 2018 spinning? We decided to ask. 

These are the albums that the lads in State Champs have been spinning in 2018!

Post Malone - 'Beerbongs & Bentleys'
"Can’t really deny all the hits on this record and the unique success it brought him. I’m on board."

Troye Sivan - 'Bloom'
"A lot of people wouldn’t expect this to be on my list, but I’ve been listening to this record so much since it came out. Very catchy."

Deaf Havana - 'Rituals'
"This is actually the first album I’ve listened to from these guys. Sorry I’m late to the game but I love this record and it’s edgy poppy vibe."

Turnstile - 'Time and Space'
"I’m inspired by how this band keeps changing the game while preserving their cool, youthful, punk and hardcore attitude and branding. Non stop riffs and head banging."

Travis Scott - 'Astroworld'
""La Ferrari, to Jamba Juice” says enough."


The 1975 - 'A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships'
"This album was my most anticipated this year and it absolutely delivered. I love the topical lyrical content and also find it to be original and innovative."

Dan + Shay - 'Self Titled'
"Wow. What an absolute banger of a record. Every song has unlimited replay potential thanks to their massive choruses. Makes you want to put your windows down and scream-sing every word while cruising down the highway." 

Boston Manor - 'Welcome to the Neighbourhood'
"I love how far this band has grown. WTTN caught me with its anthemic choruses and cool riffs. I can’t wait to see this band live and hear how huge 'Halo' sounds."

Taylor Swift - 'Reputation'
"I know this record came out in November of 2017 but that’s basically 2018 so yeah, T Swift absolutely crushed it with this one. No explanation necessary."

Bearings - 'Blue In The Dark'
"BITD really surprised me with its great use of dynamics and hooks. Everyone seems into playing loud these days but bearings really knows how to keep it chill, then blast you with a big chorus. Super stoked on their progress and I hope they only get bigger."


Turnstile - 'Time & Space'
"One of those records you gotta listen to 2-3 times in a row. The most fun record of the year for sure."

The Aces - 'When My Heart Felt Volcanic'

The Story So Far - 'Proper Dose'
"Looking back, this will probably be my true number 1 album of the year but I'm too lazy to retype this, and Kelen probably got me killed in Overwatch this week, so..."

Harms Way - 'Posthuman'
"Absolutely the heaviest record of the last decade"

Coheed and Cambria  - 'The Unheavenly Creatures'
"It's rare a record will make me actually run to my guitar to learn a song now at age 30, but this record got me a few times. Coheed rip!!!"

Drug Church - 'Cheer'
"Riffy and intelligent. It’s got a true bad boy 90s feel with phenomenal storytelling. Their frontman Pat might be my favorite to watch in the entire scene."

Dan + Shay - 'Self Titled'
"Probably my most listened to over the course of the year. Really great pop country songwriting and one of the best vocalists out there. The song 'Tequila' makes me want to move to Nashville."

Phoebe Bridgers - 'Stranger In The Alps'
"Emotional and extremely beautiful. I love when you can hear the pain in someone’s voice."

Speak Low If You Speak Love - 'Nearsighted'
"I’m not gonna pretend like I didn’t put out one of the coolest records this year, but go ahead and keep sleeping on Speak Low."


Paul Cherry - 'Flavour'
"Paul is one of my best friends, so I may be a little biased but this record is undeniably cool. Easy and fun to listen to. The musicianship is top notch and the tones are warm and fuzzy. Check this out if you’re looking for something new and fresh in the indie scene."


Post Malone - 'Beer Bongs & Bentleys'

"This was a record I was really looking forward to, and it didn’t disappoint."

Dan + Shay - 'Self Titled'
"I’m not usually a pop country guy, but Champs listened to this record so much that I fell in love with it."

The 1975 - 'A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships' 
"I know this record just came out, but it’s already one of my favorites."

The Story So Far - 'Proper Dose'
"I’ve always loved what this band has put out."

State Champs - 'Living Proof'
"Go ahead, judge me. We put so much time writing this record and I’m proud of it."

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