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Top Albums Of The Year: Sleeping With Sirens

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 25 December 2018 at 10.00

Because in a year filled with great music, what have band members rated in 2018?

2018 has been a big year for music. A huge year for music. 

We know what our favourites have been- but what have band members spend 2018 spinning? We decided to ask. 

These are what the members of Sleeping With Sirens consider their top albums of 2018 (in no particular order). Over to the lads in Sleeping With Sirens:

Palaye Royale - 'Boom Boom Room (Side B)'
"I love this album because I love the band.. I think they're refreshing.. and I feel this album is focused. Each member really shines! Stoked to watch the band grow, really excited to see where they go next."

Underoath - 'Erase Me'
"The band is back and better than ever.. this album slays! Aaron and Spencer have never sounded better together.. and I think the rest of the band managed to evolve without straying too far from what fans have come to expect from an Underoath album.. There’s some stellar tracks on this beast.. some of my favorites ever including any of previous albums."

Tom Odell - 'Jubilee Road'
"I’m late to the game when it comes to Tom Odell.. but holy shit balls... I love this man... His song writing is next level! Dare I say the modern day Sir Elton John? It’s my go to early morning album, and it’s my goal to see him live sometime this coming year!"

Counterparts - 'Private Room'
"I haven’t been this stoked on a heavy act since The Ghost Inside... but what I love about the band is how honest and gut wrenching the lyrics are.. “Murder me and my intentions, or bury me alive, Fill my lungs with dirt and watch the light drain from my eyes” (I mean FUCK). I had the pleasure of attending one of their shows by chance thanks to Jack. Needless to say I was blown away... I’m a fan for life! I can’t wait for the next full length."

Good Charlotte  - 'Generation RX'
"I had to do it... but not for the reason you would expect. Yes, Benji and Joel are our managers, but i'm proud of the band for this album. It’s raw and emotional, and its a darker side than we’ve seen from any previous GC album. Joel searched his soul for these songs, and it shows in the lyrics. I’m going to go out and just name the song 'Prayers' as my favorite track for 2018... and you didn’t even ask me for a favorite track from 2018 ;) "


Shinedown - 'Attention Attention'
"This record was a ripper. It’s that classic Shinedown sound with brand new, refreshing riffs. I jammed this record for months straight!"

Good Charlotte - 'Generation Rx'
"I’ve been lucky enough to witness these songs live for a few months this year. This record has some of the best GC tunes to date. 'Prayers' is a banger. I love the messages they’re putting out there. We need more positivity!"

Nao - 'Saturn'
"This is the record you put on when you wanna feel good. What a talented human. She’s probably my favorite artist I’ve found in the past few years. I always find myself listening to Nao."

Architects - 'Holy Hell'
“This is one of the better heavier albums I’ve heard in years where every single song is a banger. I want to see it live!”

Post Malone - 'beerbongs & bentleys'
“I didn’t think I would enjoy an album like this, but I thought it was incredible. Found myself listening to this on repeat & admiring the melodies.”

Chromeo - 'Head Over Heels'
“My wife turned me onto this band a few years ago. They put on one of these best live shows ever. It’s just feel-good Funk music. It’s too damn good.”

Thrice - 'Palms'
“This is one of those bands that can really do no wrong, in my book. I’ve been a fan since their first album and they’ve continuously grown & outdone themselves. I think Dustin is a prolific songwriter that everyone should be privy to.”

Panic! At The Disco - 'Pray For The Wicked'
“C’mon now. Brendon’s voice. His showmanship. No one else even comes close in this genre and styling of music. Some incredible songs on this album that are undeniably great.”

Thrice - 'Palms'
"I've been listening to Thrice since I was 14, so they’re very nostalgic for me. The new record is just as good as some of the old ones- so I’m all in."

The 1975- 'A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships'
"I’ve always enjoyed their music, the way they incorporate jazz into their pop style music is amazing and always feels fresh."

Architects- 'Holy Hell'
"Do I need to explain? It’s fucking heavy. It’s fucking great."

Chromeo- 'Head Over Heels'
"Chromeo has been around for a minute, wasn’t expecting a new album from them this year, but it caught me by surprise. Found myself jamming it quite a bit this year." 

Lil Wayne- 'Tha Carter V'
"Not gonna lie, Lil Tunechi is my guilty pleasure! He killed this new album. Had some great features on this album. There’s songs that fit every genre or style of hip hop I’d say right now. Takes me all the way back to 2008 when the 'Carter III' dropped! This album probably goes near the top of the year for me."

Architects- 'Holy Hell'
“Holy shit this record is flawless”

Polyphia- 'New Levels New Devils'
“I mean dammit man... like these dudes are changing the game, but this is a whole new sound for them, and they destroyed it 100%”

Don Broco- 'Technology'
“From some of the weirdest melodies and riffs I’ve ever heard, but by far the catchiest. These guys have developed their own sound and have run away with it. I couldn’t be happier listening to this band.”

Dan+Shay- 'Dan and Shay: The Album'
“My love for country goes way back to my childhood, but when you can jam a record front to back, non-stop this is my go-to. Best live performance and harmonies in the game, these dudes are an unstoppable force." 

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