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Top Albums Of The Year: Set It Off

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 26 December 2018 at 09.00

Because in a year filled with great music, what have band members rated in 2018?

2018 has been a big year for music. A huge year for music. 

We know what our favourites have been- but what have band members spend 2018 spinning? We decided to ask. 

These are what the members of Set It Off think are the top five albums of 2018 (in no particular order). Over to the lads in Set It Off:

Imagine Dragons - 'Origins'
"I am constantly inspired by this band. Their compositions are incredibly intoxicating and addicting but most importantly, unique. This album blends so many genres into one and it keeps you thinking, easy choice for me."

Panic! At The Disco - 'Pray For The Wicked'
"As a fan of Panic! since the get go I’ve really enjoyed watching them evolve. Brendon really did a phenomenal job with this album and pushed the boundaries to break through and it’s so cool amazing to see Panic! all over the radio and TV. Showcasing his truly superb vocal talent and infectious melodies, it's hard not to love this record."

Cardi B - 'Invasion Of Privacy'
"I know- this is a bit of a departure from the first two, but what can I say, I’m team Cardi. I love her attitude, I love the hooks, I love songs like 'Be Careful' where she starts singing. Sure, she’s no Mariah Carey when she starts singing, but it reminds me of old Eminem when he first started singing- it wasn’t about the quality of voice, it was about the sincerity and the feeling you got singing along. I’m legit a huge fan of this album top to bottom."

The Wrecks - 'Panic Vertigo'
"I just found out about this group this year and I’m so glad I did. True pop/ rock, guitars at the forefront, amazing songs, great voice, songs get your head bobbing and you can’t help but to crank it up and sing along. To anyone who hasn’t heard this EP yet, stop what you’re doing and go get it. And if you dudes are reading this, much respect! Keep killing it!"

Bazzi - 'Cosmic'
"Here’s another artist I just discovered this year. This album is jam after jam. Bazzi knows how to write hits. Songs like 'Beautiful' and 'Mine' are absolute masterpieces. Of course the melodies are amazing but what REALLY impresses me with Bazzi are his chord progressions. They’re not your typical go to major or minor chords, they have this epic feel to them and he keeps you on your toes. I always appreciate when an album keeps perking my ears up and thinking “Damn, how did they think of that!”."


CHVRCHES - 'Love Is Dead'
"Amazing record through and through. Chvrches went above and beyond adding organic instrumentals and making love is dead sound huge!"

Post Malone - 'Beerbongs And Bentleys'
"I was obsessed with this record right away!"

With Confidence - 'Love & Loathing'
"I couldn’t stop listening to this record after the first time I heard it. Their sound matured a lot and every song is a certified BOP!"

Cher Lloyd - 'None Of My Business'
"I know this isn’t a record and just a single but DAMN it’s so good! I’ve always loved her sound and style and she delivered yet again with 'None Of My Buisness'"

Twenty One Pilots - 'Trench'

"Putting aside the fact that these songs are amazing, I have a lot of respect for artists that are willing to break the mold and make art that is true to themselves, and it would seem that Twenty One Pilots did exactly that. Also, Im pretty sure it has the first song ever written about a pet cheetah."

(Side note- 'Trench' is also the Album Of The Year in the 2018 Rock Sound Awards! Pick up your commemorative Twenty One Pilots Rock Sound Awards cover now from AWARDS.ROCKSOUND.TV)

The Story So Far - 'Proper Dose'
"Sometimes it can be a scary thing for an artist to change a successful formula musically. But with this new TSSR record, they clearly tapped into some new inspiration and made something absolutely incredible and groundbreaking."

Don Broco - 'Technology'
"I have had 'Come Out To LA' stuck in my head since the moment I heard it. For the rest of my life that song will be playing faintly in the background of my mind and honestly, I’m not mad about it."

Panic! At The Disco - 'Pray For The Wicked'
"Brendon Urie somehow manages to reinvent himself while keeping all the aspect of P!ATD that we know and love intact. I wish my hair was as tall as his."

Waterparks - 'Entertainment'
"A perfect mix of fun catchy melodies and hard hitting instrumentals. I grew up on 'Blink-182' so I have always been a fan of bands that don’t take themselves too seriously. Plus, 'TANTRUM' is a banger."


LAUV - 'I Met You When I Was 18'

"There's a new wave of pop music that's slowly introducing guitars and I'm a huge fan of it. I'm in love with his approach to these songs sonically that are bangers top to bottom!"

Imagine Dragons - 'Evolve'
"Just every song on this record is massive in its own way. The lyrical content to the huge anthem driven drums its all perfect."

LANY - 'Malibu Nights' 
"This band is the greatest marriage of pop music while still managing to be so emo haha there isn't anybody that sounds like them and anytime i listen to this record it's genuinely like taking a ride through their heads."

MUSE - 'Simulation Theory'
"I honestly haven't listened to this band in a good four or five years and this album is so reminiscent of everything i grew up loving about this band. I Encourage you to listen to it at high volumes only haha."

The Story So Far - 'Proper Dose'
"I've always loved watching these dudes live and I feel the energy is captured so well and translates 10-fold on to the album."


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