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Top 75 Albums Of 2010 Part One: 75 - 61

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 13 December 2010 at 16.01

The first installment of Rock Sound’s definitive and 100% correct guide to 2010’s best records!

In Rock Sound Issue 143 we count down our Top 75 Albums of 2010, trust us when we say that no other list is (a) as good or (b) as right!

Each day this week we will be posting part of the list online, get your fix of 75 - 61 today and check back tomorrow to see the next installment...

75. The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza ‘Danza III: The Series Of Unfortunate Events’ (Metal Blade)
Precision incandescence hallmarks this collection of tracks from these oft-overlooked contributors to the chaotic metal scene. We have no idea how it’s even possible to play any of these songs live but still…

74. Black Breath ‘Heavy Breathing’ (Southern Lord)
Heavy-as-fuck riffage played at break-neck speed by what sounds like a gang of murderers. Music shouldn’t sound this nasty without being sold wrapped in lead as a precaution.

73. Minus The Bear ‘Omni’ (Dangerbird)
It might not have hit the peaks of their previous releases, but ‘Omni’ remains an intriguing piece of work from one of rock’s most inventive bands.

72. Bison B.C. ‘Dark Ages’ (Metal Blade)
The Canadian rockers’ third album, and second for Metal Blade, was an unpretentious lesson in how to rock the fuck out. A no-holds-barred riff-fest that never failed to get heads banging and give air guitarists wet dreams. Monster.

71. Coliseum ‘House With A Curse’ (Temporary Residence)
Premiering a new, slower sound, Coliseum’s new line-up could have lost their signature energy and volume. Not so – their third album assaults your ears just as efficiently, just at a more leisurely pace.

70. The Wonder Years ‘The Upsides’ (Hopeless / No Sleep)
The ultimate weapon against first world problems – funny, smart lyrics that chronicle and counter singer Dan Campbell’s personal struggles, set to an equally positive pop-punk delivery. Listen to it and cheer the fuck up.

69. The Ascent Of Everest ‘From This Vantage’ (Shelsmusic)
This sophomore album from the Tennessee orchestral-rockers manages to pull off the difficult feat of refrained string / harpsichord sections without losing any of the dynamic. Heavy mid-sections give way to beautifully moving arrangements throughout. Lovely.

68. Melissa Auf der Maur ‘Out Of Our Minds’ (Roadrunner)
The fiery-haired former Smashing Pumpkins / Hole bassist’s second solo album flirts with conceptual prog-rock and features godfather of goth Glenn Danzig, subsequently making her impressive back catalogue, well, even more impressive.

67. Grown Ups ‘More Songs’ (Big Scary Monsters)
Life lessons with Grown Ups, part one: smoke a sack of weed, write some melodic punk rock anthems and hang out with your best mates – you might write the 67th best album of the year.

66. The Flatliners ‘Cavalcade’ (Fat Wreck Chords)
It’s been a while since skate punk sounded relevant, but this pissed-off collection of bittersweet anthems certainly does that particular job. Some of the best choruses of the year on this.

65. Twilight ‘Monument To Time End’ (Southern Lord)
A black metal supergroup made up of members from Minsk, Isis, Nachtmystium, Krieg, Leviathan and The Atlas Moth – ‘Monument To Time End’ provided the perfect soundtrack for the apocalypse. And we loved it.

64. Alkaline Trio ‘This Addiction’ (Heart & Skull / Hassle)
Going back to Chicago to record with Matt Allison, ‘This Addiction’ is redolent of Alkaline Trio’s earlier material, but it’s far from regressive. Like all their albums, in fact, it’s pretty damn ace.

63. Sleigh Bells ‘Treats’ (Mom + Pop)
A record guaranteed to make your head nod, your shoulders pop and your hips wiggle; this messy, scuzzy batch of songs from the New York duo accidentally set a new standard for all music everywhere ever.

62. Chiodos ‘Illuminaudio’ (Equal Vision)
When lead singer Craig Owens up and left, most people thought that was the end for Chiodos. But they knuckled down and came out with ‘Illuminaudio’, which points to a rebirth for the Michigan post-hardcore mob.

61. Blood Command ‘Ghostclocks’ (Fysisk Format)
There just isn’t enough female-fronted Norwegian hardcore-punk around – something you don’t realise until you hear an album like ‘Ghostclocks’. Barbed with threatening squalls, heavy guitars and a bit of new wave, this turned out to be 2010’s surprise.

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