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Tonight Alive Reveal More Details Of Their New Album

Will Cross
Will Cross 29 July 2017 at 22.00

Jenna and Whak open up on the Rock Sound Podcast.

We caught up with Tonight Alive frontwoman Jenna McDougall and guitarist Whakaio Taahi on the Rock Sound Podcast (listen here) to talk about the difficult recording process of previous album 'Limitless', what their new album is sounding like and when we can expect to hear it...

"It wasn't fun at all," said guitarist Whakaio Taahi on the making of 'Limitless'.

"Creatively it was extremely important to me at that time, but it definitely wasn't fun. I feel like we only have a few chances to make an album in our career so I want everything to be different and to push ourselves, and that's what 'Limitless' was."

"With this new record, we're doing it with Dave Petrovic who produced 'The Other Side' and 'The Edge'. I know exactly what it needs to be and the songs have come really easy."

Vocalist Jenna McDougall added: "That's kind of what called us this time, to go and enjoy the process, do it with someone who really knows and understands us and who we connect with.

"That's why we were able to write the record in three months, because we're in such a healthy mindspace now."

"Which came from doing 'Limitless',"
continued Whakaio. "You have to go to your darkest place to get to the light."

Whakaio also revealed when we'd be hearing new music, "around September," while the album will follow next year.

You can listen to the full interview here on the first episode of the Rock Sound Podcast...

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