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This Is Why Blood Command Are Such A Special Band

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 12 December 2018 at 16.48

Blood Command are a band unlike any other. 10 years deep and still making music unlike anyone else around them, here is why they should be very much on your radar.

One of the most vital parts of making music is that it represents who you are as a person. The lyrics and chords and beats and tones need to reflect the life that you lead away from the stereo. After all why would you create art that you aren’t completely and utterly infatuated within every conceivable way? Why would you not make music that goes against the grain just as much as you do in your day-to-day life?

With that in mind let us tell you about Blood Command. Formed in 2008, the band have spent a hot decade decimating the rulebook and making music that reflects them, regardless of if it fits any sort of mould. Jumping from rambunctious rock and roll riffing to guttural death metal intensity, club bothering electronic worship to flamenco flavoured fiestas, the band have made a name for themselves by not letting anyone stand in the way of the art that they want to create.

“I just love to play music and I love to play the music that I write” guitarist and founding member Yngne Andersen explains. “My only goal has always been to get people to like it and to feel something with the music we play and I think we have accomplished that. We don’t have any goal of playing stadiums or anything. We don’t care about that sort of thing.”

Though the Norwegians have always been five steps ahead of the rest of the pack, it was on last year’s outrageously visceral and varied ‘Cult Drugs’ that they truly came into their own. A record that demonstrated the lengths that the band would go to in the name of experimentation while also somehow managing to sound cohesive and cathartic, it is the sound of a band that has no time for your pigeonholes.

“I’m still really pleased with the album and the fans really like it” Yngne comments with pride in his voice. “There were some songs on the album that we didn’t expect to hit and we got certain types of listeners that we didn’t really expect either. It means the world though. The fact that people are passionate about our music is everything. It makes it into something that is much bigger than just us.”

​That’s the thing that makes Blood Command such a special band. Blood Command in many ways is much more than just music. It is an idea. It is an outlet for the misfits of the world. It is a place for those who have nowhere else to go and be themselves. It is an escape from the conventions of the modern-day where everything needs to be labelled and put in order. It is music for the mavericks and the mind melters. For the brave and belligerent. It is the soundtrack for those who don’t want to take this reality too seriously and who would rather tighten the laces on their dancing shoes so they don’t do themselves a mischief.

The immediate future holds a lot for the band. 2019 will begin with an EP, which serves as follow up to 11’s ‘Hand Us The Alpha Male’ before joining Skindred on their European tour in February. They will then be setting to work on a new full length then getting knee-deep into festival season, touring and spreading their sound to as many ears as possible. It’s a rinse and repeat job that the band loves more than anything in the world and one that they will continue doing until the day they die probably. Though without bands like Blood Command the world would be a much more boring place. We must cling on to their sequins as long as we possibly can, because when they are gone the party will be over. The lights will be turned off. We will be left in the darkness. Though Yngne sums it up better than anybody when he describes what Blood Command stand for.

No rules, no restrictions. We don’t want to please any scene. We don’t want to please anyone. We just want to be us.”

If that isn’t a way to live life then we don’t know what is.

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