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This Is What To Expect From Northlane’s Special ‘Live From The Roundhouse’ Livestream

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 19 August 2020 at 15.03

This coming weekend Northlane will be livestreaming their incredible sold out performance at Sydney's Roundhouse from last October. To give you a taste, we thought we would let you know what you can expect from this very special event. 

If you watched Negative Energy, the wonderful documentary that Northlane put together showing off the process of how they made their latest and greatest album ‘Alien’, you will know how difficult, draining and, at times, devastating these last 18 months have been for them. You will also know just how important it was for them to sell out the iconic Roundhouse in their hometown of Sydney off the back of such a special and sincere record. 

Though to truly understand how important this show was for the band, you need to see it from start to finish. You need to fully  immerse yourself in every second of it. Because this was more than just a gig. Much more. 

From the second the band walk onto the stage, draped in darkness and backed up by an ominous patter of synths, the energy circulating around the Roundhouse is already palpable. By the time that opener ‘Talking Heads’, with its slow-building atmospheres and sensationally gut-wrecking breakdown, bleeds into the complex textures of ‘Intuition’, it's near enough overflowing.

As you see bodies clawing their way to the front of the stage and the pit swelling in the back, it’s hard not to get pulled into the sheer drama of the performance despite you not being actually being there. Throw in the incredible display of club-ready throbbing lights, finely tuned to suit each and every change of pace and little sonic nuance, and the endless stream of CO2 being shot up to the heavens, you have a brilliantly claustrophobic and utterly captivating show on your hands. Impossible to turn away from and even harder to forget. 

The pace of this masterclass isn’t allowed to dip at any time either, as the beautiful debaucherous ‘Jinn’ melts between furious passages of glitchy metalcore and bubbling techno before the restrained ascent of ‘Rot’ sends shivers creeping up and down the spine. Blending favourite songs of old with the vital songs of today like it’s second nature, the band don’t break a sweat and deliver each and every lyric, riff and breakbeat with the same passion, precision and power as the last.

There are huge moments aplenty throughout too, including one of the biggest pits of the night courtesy of ’Citizen’ and a near euphoric run-through of ‘Vultures’, but it’s in the encore where the real memories of this spectacle are formed. With vocalist Marcus Bridge donning an incredible disco ball trench coat, the band give ‘Sleepless’, one of the most personal, powerful and perfectly considered tracks on ‘Alien’, its live debut. It’s as stirring, emotional and utterly astounding as you would expect, with Marcus delivering one of the most heartbreaking and honest performances you will ever see from him or any other heavy metal vocalists. Swiftly followed by a quite simply crushing run-through of ‘Quantum Flux’, it’s a fitting end to a flawless and fantasically touching night.

To watch Northlane live in 2020 is to see a band completely in tune with who they want to be in this very moment and who they aspire to be as they move forwards. Visually stunning, socially captivating and aesthetically unique, the band are the most perfect of storms, keeping each one of your senses working from the moment they take to the stage to the second they leave it. This sold out performance at The Roundhouse is more than just a huge milestone in Northlane’s journey. It’s a benchmark for other bands to try and reach. It’s a lesson in how to grip an audience and not let them go.

It’s nothing short of magical, and you should let it enfold you.

You can livestream 'Northlane - Live From The Roundhouse' on August 21 and 22 across 8 different showings. 

They are:

Those showing will take place at these times on each day:

Sydney - 8pm
London - 8pm
Los Angeles - 8pm
New York - 8pm

Tickets are available to purchase from right HERE

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