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This Is What The New Bring Me The Horizon Album Sounds Like

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 21 August 2015 at 17.59

Here's everything you need to know about 'That's The Spirit'.

We've heard the Bring Me The Horizon album. There's a review of it in our latest magazine, but do you want to know what it sounds like?

Allow us to break it down for you.

1. 'Doomed'
Track one on 'That’s The Spirit' sounds like it belongs on a movie soundtrack. “I’m sorry but it’s too late and it’s not worth saving," Oli Sykes croons over a swell of electronics. It sounds ominous, and this is unlike anything Bring Me The Horizon have attempted before.

2. 'Happy Song'

3. 'Throne'

4. 'True Friends'

So that's what the first four tracks sound like, but is the new BMTH album actually good? Well...

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5. 'Follow You'
This is a love song – or the closest thing to it that this band has ever written. Starting with a heartbeat and single synth notes, 'Follow You' slowly blossoms into something altogether bigger. Layered vocals, handclaps and lyrics like “You can drag me through hell if you let me hold your hand” make this a pained cross between PVRIS and Linkin Park.

6. 'What You Need'
There's a bloody big groove on 'What You Need'. Aside from the thunderous bass, there's a classic Lee Malia guitar solo and a less electronic tinge than on the rest of these songs. Oli sings but sounds absolutely filthy on the shit-kicking chorus - which turns this song into another skyscraping arena rock anthem.

7. 'Avalanche'
"Cut me open and tell me what's inside," Oli sings on this track. Musically there's rumbling, widescreen rock that's as relentless as the rest of the album, but powerful lyrics like "I need a cure for me, because the square doesn't fit the circle" make this band feel vulnerable all the same.

8. 'Run'
This is a big anthem. There are some rounded edges on 'Run', but barring the odd pause for electronic touches here and there, it's the closest this album comes to having a straight-up rock song.

9. 'Drown'
There's a newly recorded version on the album, and it sounds a lot like...

10. 'Blasphemy'
This might just be the grittiest, most grisly song on 'That's The Spirit'. Thunderous drums and a luxurious, languid groove replace the heavy electronics elsewhere on the album and marches on with a roar and haunting, eerie chants.

11. 'Oh No'
A heartbeat starts the album's final track, with Oli singing mournfully about drugs while the band around him build to a lush, textured chorus. It seems there's almost no guitar here, but the high-tempo drumming, electronics and hard-hitting subject matter make this band sound heavier than ever. Oh, and then the song breaks down into a brass section and and a saxophone solo (just wait until you hear that bit). It's typical of one of the most groundbreaking albums this genre has seen for years.

Get ready, 'That's The Spirit' is coming.

So now you know what it sounds like, but is 'That's The Spirit' actually good? You can find out in our new issue.

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BMTH play Reading & Leeds Festival this month.

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