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This Is What Ice Nine Kills Want From Their First Time In The UK

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 30 October 2016 at 15.38

They're on their way.

Ice Nine Kills hit the UK for the first time ever (?!) in November.

So naturally, we asked them where they really, really want to go in the UK while they're over.

The answers were pretty Ice Nine Kills, tbh.

"Located at Buck's Row (now Durward St.) in London, this is where his first victim, Mary Nichols, was found on August 31st 1888. Obviously we are a very horror-centric band, so the first kill sight of one of the most notorious serial killers of all time is right up our dark and scary alley."

"The band are huge fans of Indian food and we've been told that this road has some of the most delicious Indian cuisine in the world. We plan on having a curry eating competition at one of these restaurants and whoever throws up least buys dinner and pays for the dry cleaning bill."

"One of our songs is based on Jekyll & Hyde complete with imagery from Victorian-era London. We are going to attempt to scale this beautiful tower and gracefully swan dive off into the river. We all met at an Olympic diving meet so this will be one to cross off our bucket list..."

"We wanna check this out mainly to see if the destruction the Griswold family (from European Vacation) caused to this famous site was in fact real. Also, any opportunity to recreate the Stonehenge scene from Spinal Tap is not something we're willing to pass up."

"There's so many mind blowing artefacts to see there. From the Rosetta Stone to The Mummy of Cleopatra, we cannot skip this opportunity. Yes, the last 30 museums we visited banned us for life, but we promise not to break anything this time..."

Ice Nine Kills' new album 'Every Trick In The Book' is out now via Fearless Records.

Aand they hit the UK alongside Affiance and Shields next month.


03 - MANCHESTER Satan's Hollow
04 - NOTTINGHAM Basement
05 - BIRMINGHAM The Rainbow Cellar
06 - BRISTOL Thekla
07 - CARDIFF The Globe
08 - PLYMOUTH Underground
09 - LONDON Dingwalls
10 - SOUTHAMPTON Joiners 

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