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This Is What Hellogoodbye’s ‘(Here) In Your Arms’ Can Teach Us About Love In 2018

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 15 August 2018 at 13.04

12 years ago Hellogoodbye released '(Here) In Your Arms' and took the world by storm. Fastforward to 2018 and Forrest and Co are still going strong, yet there's still a lot that we can learn about love and life from the band's most successful single. 

Don't you feel when you think about the past that it always feels like was nicer than the present? The sun seemed to shine brighter. Dogs were all fluffier. It felt like everybody was happier. More than anything love felt stronger. It was easier to share your passion and adoration for someone without feeling like you were being watched or judged. You could be as utterly cute as you liked and not have to look over for your shoulder for someone ready to ruin the moment. There was a simplicity to things that's hard to put your finger on until you see it staring you right back in the face. 

The embodiment of that mood is '(Here) In Your Arms'.

Hellogoodbye released '(Here) In Your Arms', the first single from their full length debut album 'Zombie! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!' on May 14 2006. It went platinum on April 24 2008 and to this day is still the highest selling song for the band. Aside from being one of biggest bops to come out of the power-pop boom of the mid 00's, it's also a song that can teach us a lot about feelings and attitudes both within the scene and the wider world.

Who would have thought music could do that?

The most prominent thing that you can pick up from '(Here) In Your Arms' is its carefree aura. The song was released in a time when falling in love as a teenager wasn't complicated. It was always the classic way. Boy liked girl. Girl likes boy. Boy and girl hold hands. Boy and girl kiss. Boy and girl are happy. It's as simple as that. No fancy bells and whistles. No "will they, won't they". No ghosting. No subtweeting. No long deep conversations about whether it is worth it or not. Just young, unrequited love. The song encapsulates that simple emotional connection like its second nature. 

Though if you dig deeper, the song is more about the immediacy of love and how quickly feelings can totally consume you. The idea of falling for someone suddenly and not caring who knows it. Delivering intimacy on a very open and honest level. It's about showing a lack of fear in dealing with the shock of liking someone. It's about letting that inhabition go and just following your heart no matter where it may lead you. Hiding within those bubbling synth lines and brilliantly auto tuned vocals are the sort of emotions that only the most loved up of souls can conjure. 

Also, let's just talk about the song's video for a second. Even when pretending to be falling in love at camp, the band present a period of your life where it felt like the good times would never end. A moment of pure clarity in the best summer of your life. A way to take you back to the most peaceful and playful period of your existance, all in the space of 3 minutes. 

It's not like Hellogoodbye were the only ones exhibiting these feelings either. Confidence was the flavour of the month back in mid 00's. Boys Like Girls, The Audition, The Rocket Summer, We The Kings. All these artists had love hearts etched into their eyes and were writing music that refelcted that. There was a movement of romantics taking over the airways and it was an absolutely wonderful time to have ears. It represented a time where feelings weren't something to be hidden or scared of. They were something for you to share with the world. 

Songs are amazing way to keep a period of time bottled forever and always. What '(Here) In Your Arms' represents is a time where people weren't afraid to scream "I Love You" from the rooftops. It's a song that can still remind us what it's like to be young, dumb and falling in love without any consequence or pressure. It's a song that sounds very much of its time and that's what makes it so special. It can transport us back to those halcyon days where we let our hearts rule our heads and forget that the years have left us unable to function properly.  At a time where online dating has rendered our ability to talk to the opposite sex null and we would rather let that perfect opportunity to find the one pass us by so we can have a good old moan about it instead, perhaps songs like '(Here) In Your Arms' can remind how simple it is to take that chance, grasp it with both hands and jump. Perhaps rather than worrying too much, we can strap on our headband, put our neon blue sunglasses over our eyes, get our Juicy Fruit at the ready and take that chance. 

If you weren't aware, Hellogoodbye are still going strong. The band are set to release their new album 'S'Only Natural' on October 05 via Alcopop! Records. The title track has one of the best basslines of the year nestled within it. There aren't many bands who can make us feel reminiscent of a simpler time in such a blossoming manner while still penning tunes that make us want to dance till the early hours. Let's make sure that we hold them close to our hearts. 

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