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This Is The Story Of How DALES Came To Be

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 3 August 2017 at 13.10

Brian Logan Dales (DALES / The Summer Set) tells the story of how his new project DALES came to be. Stay tuned for more from this interview very soon!

“The timeline is a little all over the place! To take this back to the very beginning, it would’ve been the end of summer 2015. The Summer Set had been working on the follow-up to ‘Legendary’ for a while, the album that would become ‘Stories For Monday’.

“We’d been working on that for a long time and we were in a place two years ago where it wasn’t really going anywhere. We were a little bit lost. We had been for a long time, and we were making out fourth album and we couldn’t really figure out where we were going with it.

“It wasn’t really feeling complete, and I certainly hit a major writer's block and wasn’t really making music at all and was just having a really hard time.

“The songs I was writing, I didn’t really like and didn’t even realise that some of them were good. I had to have other people tell me that these are good songs, because I would write a song and I wouldn’t care about it, which was a really weird side that I had never been on before..."


Listen to 'Young For The Summer' below.

“This was two summers ago, and I’m home in Los Angeles and not really writing music. We’re making an album but we’re not really doing anything. We’re basically just on pause while we’re making this record... and I run into an old music friend of mine; a music producer named Matt Beckley who almost worked on a Summer Set album many years ago.

“I ran into him at a cafe in Sherman Oaks in Los Angeles where he was with another friend of mine. We were talking for a little bit. I’d known Matt for a long time, but not very well.

“We’d run into each other about once a year or so and I was always like, ‘I like this guy. I don’t really know why I like this guy, but I like this guy’. We talked for a while and then he called me the next day and was like, ‘Hey man, I just bought a house studio in Studio City’. It was almost like he could tell I was in some sort of creative funk.

“I decided to go by. Matt worked under a few different record producers, from Rob Cavallo to Dr. Luke to John Fields. He was going to work on The Summer Set’s ‘Everything’s Fine’ in 2010, but that ended up not happening and he ended up going on tour and playing guitar for Katy Perry for a while.”

“So I go over to Matt’s house, we sit down and we open a bottle of whiskey and we end up spending hours and hours talking about just the state of music...

“...what I miss about music, what I loved about music as a kid, where I want to see the state of music go, what I love about bands, what I think people are loving about rock and roll bands again and how I think there’s this window of opportunity for the world to see a new era of the Springsteens and the Tom Pettys and the Brian Adamses - the sort of one-man rock band - again.

“We were just on YouTube wathcing some video of Bryan Adams play ‘Summer Of ‘69’ acoustic in Lisbon, Portugal for like, 60,000 people. None of them spoke the language, but they were singing the song louder than even Brian.

“And I was like, ‘This is what I love’. There’s no trick or gimmick here, it’s just one man and a guitar playing a song that’s so good that people have to fucking be involved.

“After hours Matt and I drink a whole bottle of whiskey and watched a whole Bryan Adams concert DVD and didn’t write a single song.

“Then I go home. Then the next day I was going on a trip to Alaska by myself, which I’ve talked about before. I went on a trip to Alaska alone a few years ago, sort of just a reset button, soul-searching, you-never-wanna-admit-you’re-the cliché-until-the-cliché-happens-to-you sort of life-changing trip, one of those.

“So I went to Alaska, just myself and no phone for like four days, and I come back and I’m feeling refreshed and I get back together with Matt and we write a song, which was ‘Young For The Summer’.

“It’s a very rare experience where the first song I ever wrote with somebody is the song I still love, and it was the first song we released. It was super important to me that right out of the gate we hit the nail on the head and we wrote the song that I wanted to write.

“So we have ‘Young For The Summer’. At the time I didn’t really know what it was for. I wasn’t working on other music but it didn’t really feel like a Summer Set thing. Even though it was my voice, it just felt like a different story, so I was like, ‘Let’s just sit with this for a second...’”


Stay tuned for much, much more from this interview and check out latest single 'Girls On Their Phones' below, too!

“Then about a week later we got together as The Summer Set. We sat down and we were still trying to make a record that wasn’t getting made.

“We were sat down as a band and we thought maybe its time to call it a day. Like, ‘Let’s take the songs that we have, finish the record, put it out and go on tour and call it a day.’

“We ended up taking the batch of songs we had done for The Summer Set record, finishing them, that record turned out to be ‘Stories For Monday’, which we were so proud of.

“We were the band that almost broke up and decided not to because we made a record we were so proud of we decided, ‘Let’s take this on tour and let’s do this. It happened and ‘Stories For Monday’ came out and it just a really fantastic year.

“There were a lot of ups and downs in my personal life so I don’t know if ‘fantastic’ is the right word, but it was a really rewarding year in the sense that we pushed through two and a half years of making an album that was not really going anywhere and put something out and really let it live.

“But all the while in the meantime I was at home in LA whenever we weren’t  doing something writing songs with Matt that felt like a different thing... but I didn’t know what it was.

“So any chance I got between promo or touring or The Summer Set studio time, I was down the street at Matt’s house writing songs and recording songs in a very different process than I had done in years with no expectation for what they were, and here we are two years later.

“I have an album’s worth of songs and no rules and the time came where I realised this batch of material is different story of my life. It tells the story of who I am as an adult in Los Angeles and the story of who I was as a kid in Detroit, Michigan.

“I think that’s a side of me the world has never seen and after 10 years of making music with The Summer Set, I thought there was no better time to show the world a different side of me.” 

DALES' first two songs 'Young For The Summer' and 'Girls On Their Phones' are out now.

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