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This Is A Track By Track Guide To Waxflower’s New EP ‘The Sound Of What Went Wrong’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 29 April 2022 at 15.35

"'The Sound of What Went Wrong' is five songs for the overthinker"

have just released their new EP 'The Sound Of What Went Wrong' via Rude Records.

Expanding their sound whilst also intensifying their emotional outpouring, it's a sharp collection of stark, sincere and savage tracks that further cement the band as one of the most forward-thinking and fiercely open bands currently on the scene. 

To find out a little bit more about each piece of this release, we asked vocalist Tristan Higginson to take us through it track by track...

"'The Sound of What Went Wrong' is five songs for the overthinker.

The name is pulled from that feeling you get laying in bed at night, agonising over every mistake and awkward moment."

"Lyrically, I was trying to channel my self-doubt into something positive. There’s a whole lot of rejection involved in being in a band, it’s easy to get caught up on playlists, shows, tours etc. that you miss out on. It’s me taking stock of the progress we’ve made over the last couple of years and affirming that."

"'Soak' is about sitting with your negative emotions and experiences, letting them run their course and change you. Sometimes it can feel patronising to be told that, 'Everything will be ok’, so I just swung hard the other way here. It’s definitely our heaviest song. I came to the band with a version of the song that had the breakdown and Nick asked, “Are you sure you want to do this? I feel like you’re going to hate it in a year.” That’s now my favourite moment in our set - it’s such a high energy way to end our live show, I can’t imagine not playing it."

"I always talk about how MySpace has influenced our music, but it’s here that it’s most evident. The whole second verse feels like it’s pulled from 2008. I was just fed up with where I had positioned myself in life, and the song was a burst of emotion that I don’t necessarily still identify with. It always surprises me how listening to your own music can feel like reading an old diary entry. Still…banger."

"This track is about timelines never lining up. Two people who have both felt the same way about each other, just at different times. We were lucky enough to have Sydney Sprague lend her voice. She’s one of my favourite up and coming artists. Since hearing her song ‘Steve’ I know I wanted to work with her on something."

"Basically just three minutes of me beating myself up. I wanted to end the EP with an anthemic bridge, so this seemed like an easy choice for closer. It's basically the opposite of Ring thematically, self hate over affirmation. Really covering the whole gamut on this one."

You can also check out an exclusive behind the scene look at the making of the album right here too:


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