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This Is A Track-By-Track Guide To Great American Ghost’s Desolating New EP ‘Torture World’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 21 January 2022 at 15.59

An absolutely savage release, dissected bit by bit by vocalist Ethan Harrison.

Great American Ghost have just released their new EP 'Torture World', and it is an absolute behemoth.

A gripping blend of bludgeoning hardcore, frantic metalcore and deliciously desolate atmosphere, the band paint a portrait of a world hanging on by a thread in the most despondently riotous way they could possibly conjure. It's a collection of songs that capture the terror and confusion of society right now in a way that feels as vitally hopeless as it does wonderfully volatile, and feels like the next big step in their quest for utter domination.

To take us through the meaning and the making of the record, vocalist Ethan Harrison had provided some insight. So sit back, relax and what the world crumble around you as you dive in...

"'Torture World' is a piece of music that happened while we were at our lowest. We had no idea when or if this thing we love so much would ever come back, and you can feel that on the EP. I definitely can. There is a thread of hopelessness that runs throughout. For me, those types of emotions always spoke the most deeply. The feelings that resonated to me were always the hardest ones; I hope that these feelings resonate with someone out there and let them know that they aren’t the only one who feels that way sometimes, and that’s okay."

“King”, as we call it, was actually the first song that we wrote for the EP. Like most of the songs we end up releasing as singles, we release it in exactly the same way it was first shown to me by Niko [Gasparrini, Guitarist] and how I wrote it lyrically. With this band, it seems that the songs that mean the most to us just happen without overthinking it.

"The lyrics are some of my favourite I’ve ever gotten the chance to write. They’re about QAnon. People who believe in QAnon are either ignorant of or willfully ignoring the blatant anti-Semitism that defines that entire belief structure. It was my way of being as clear as I could in stating where we stood with anyone that calls themselves a believer of that insanity. We aren’t the band for you."

“Torture” actually started as a different project entirely. Niko was writing just to write some heavier things, and eventually, he realized that it had become a GAG song. He brought it to us, and we immediately fell in love with it. It has so many cool things that we had never done, and I instantly heard it as a finished song.

"In my head, the middle eight of the song always had [Thy Art Is Murder's] CJ McMahon on it. We don’t think of guest spots beforehand typically, but when you hear it in such a specific spot, you have to go for it. Very grateful to have the friends we do to fulfil that vision. CJ’s voice is just huge."

"This is the song that I never thought would make it onto the EP. We wrote it, and we were like, “Well, that was fun, no chance”. Then I wrote the lyrics, and we were like, “Teah, still no”. Then we were all listening to the pre-production tracks, and Will [Putney] was like, 'This one is sick. This one for sure makes it'. Niko and I just looked at each other in disbelief. So glad it did because it’s one of my favourite songs that we have ever had the chance to make."

"We wrote this song live, which is extremely rare for us. At the height of the pandemic, we got together for three days, and this song is the product of that session. It’s by far the riffiest song on the EP with the broadest range of vocals. Sometimes you just need to try and do all the stuff. Not going to lie, writing this song was very difficult. At first, nothing felt right, so I wrote and wrote until I finally found my subject. I wrote the lyrics about the loss of empathy. Collectively. I feel like people are getting more callous by the minute. It’s something that I have to fight against actively. I don’t want to be without feeling for other people. To me, that’s not a life at all."


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