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This Is A Track-By-Track Guide To CRASHFACE’s Debut EP ‘HEAVY INFECTIOUS’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 25 June 2021 at 14.14

As told by vocalist/guitarist Charlie Hinton.

have just released their debut EP 'HEAVY INFECTIOUS', and it's a proper treat.

Bold, brash and brimming with destructive energy, the duo serves up a short, sweet and savage taste of what's to come across five delirious tracks. Each one exhibiting a different side of the CRASHFACE anatomy, it's a big statement from a band who are only just getting started.

To find out a bit more about this mission statement, we spoke to vocalist/guitarist Charlie Hinton who walked us through the release track by track. 

Are you ready?

"This is the last song that I wrote for the EP, with the other songs coming in dribs and drabs throughout the previous year. Me and Otto [Balfour, bass] started in a hardcore punk band before CRASHFACE, and that ran its course ultimately. Though with the other tracks on this EP, which are vast and soundscapey, I just felt we were missing something. The thing we were missing was a dirty riff and me screaming my face off because that’s what I miss about being on stage. 

"Lyrically, the track is about being mad at the world. All of the other tracks have their own stories and issues surrounding them, but I wrote this one when the world was riddled with so much social injustice. It still is. 

"We felt like it was such a good jumping-off point for the release as well. We could have had this long strung out track, but instead, let’s just so straight for the throat. I cannot wait to be able to play it loud and live."

"This is very much a reductionist take I had on watching the world go to shit. Everything we do, everything decision we make, comes down to the want and need of releasing certain chemicals in the body. Everything you do is to make you feel happy or euphoric, or sad. It’s your brain releasing shit. 

"So ‘Molotov Smile’ is a characterisation of that feeling you get when you know that you’ve tricked your brain into releasing a certain chemical. Like getting shitfaced. You know that it’s going to be awful for your body, but your brain is having a great time. It’s a weird way of thinking about that concept, but I feel like it’s the best way to put it into words. 

"Musically, the main inspiration came from that isolated drum pattern that you can hear. It has a real jungle/EDM vibe to it. A bit like The Prodigy. It’s a laid back beat that’s also really hard-hitting. I wanted it to be more rhythm-based, and I feel like we achieved it."

"For the better part of a year, everybody was confined to their room and a fucking screen. Although people wanted to go out and fight against shit that was happening, what kept us going was screens. This is also a track that’s written about impending doom. You know something bad is going to happen, it’s inevitable, but it’s taking its time to get here. That’s where the imagery of a slow-motion missile comes from in the track. You can almost link it to what was happening when Trump was in office and what Boris is up to now. You can see it’s going back, and you can tell it’s going to get worse. We can do everything we can to fight it, but shit is still going to happen. 

"So many people put their frustrations and anger into the music that they choose to listen to. People can grind from nine to five and do whatever, but they are still going to save their money to go to a show and lose their minds for a bit. As an artist, you need to give people some satisfaction when it comes to that. You need to be truthful about the world. You can’t just go up on stage and sing about rainbows and shit all the time. You want to provide something suitable for someone to get lost in for three and a half minutes."

“I remember coming up with the riff for this track and thinking that it felt bouncy as fuck. I want it to be a bit more tongue in cheek in terms of the band because as much as I like to scream and go nuts, I also like to enjoy singing. Bash on pop music all you want; a lot of it is cleverly written stuff. I tried to get a bit of that flavour in but still manage to be heavy. I think that we did it. 

"The whole song is about jealousy and how everybody gets jealous. You can use it to look at a broader range of emotions that people try to shut down within themselves. That feeling of, ‘I should feel like this, this is wrong’. But if you feel something, you need to see it through and realise why you feel that way. 

"I understand the need for an escape right now. but a lot of people right now don’t have that luxury of being distracted. I don’t think anyone does. At times like these, you need to look at things as they are with no sugar-coating.”

“This is the track we have been working on the longest, after starting it around two years ago. That was before we even had the name CRASHFACE and before we even had the idea of the band at all. It all stemmed from that bassline initially, but then we shelved it because it didn’t feel like the vibe that we were writing. It was a bit too bright. 

“I feel like the song that you heard now when we returned to it has gone through around ten variations on what it was at the start. I’m glad that we say down and properly went for it, though. Often, when we shelve a track, we don’t have the push to work through it. 

“The result is what feels more like a concept track. If you listen to the lyrics, it’s about this person who has developed an infatuation with getting fucked up. In that way, it harks back to the pursuit of the chemicals we sing about in ‘Molotov Smile’. But this person can never understand why he doesn’t feel good. And because this was the last track of the EP, we thought we would go in and make it as long and epic as possible.”

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