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Every Blink-182 Music Video, Ranked By YouTube Views

Naomi Sanders
Naomi Sanders 18 April 2019 at 12.52

All classic, all online!

blink-182 have been creating music and making songs that create laughter and fill people's hearts since 1992. In that time, a lot of things have changed, including the development of the Internet and streaming services, and how music video premieres have moved from MTV to YouTube. With that in mind, here are the most viewed blink-182 music videos on YouTube, starting with:

21. 'HOME IS SUCH A LONELY PLACE' - 2 million views
From the band's most recent album, 'California', the video depicts all members, including newest member Matt Skiba, spending time with their respective families before leaving for tour. How cute!


20. 'M+M'S' - 6 million views
From their latest album to a song from their original debut album, 'Cheshire Cat', it's always sweet to see the band, with original members Scott Raynor and Tom DeLonge, living their life and just having fun when they were kids. 


19. 'HEART'S ALL GONE' - 9 million views
Anyone that has seen blink-182 live, no matter who was in the band at that time, is a very lucky person!


18. 'SHE'S OUT OF HER MIND' - 17 million views
Another 'California' classic, this video pays homage to their famous video for 'What's My Age Again?' (which might appear later on this list), but given a modern update, and featuring social media personalities as the band...ok, sure...


17. 'BORED TO DEATH' - 21 million views
Remember when the whole Internet went crazy when the lyric video dropped onto YouTube and it was announced a new blink album would be coming soon? Good times.


16. 'MAN OVERBOARD' - 22 million views
Another video that parodies the 'What's My Age Again?' video, as well as the music videos for 'Adam's Song' and 'All The Small Things' (hint hint), this single was taken from the live album, 'The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!)'.


15. 'NOT NOW' - 23 million views
As this was the single before the band went on hiatus, the video showcases clips from the band's music videos up to that point, concert performances, and backstage footage that gives fans that comfort during the difficult time in blink's history.


14. 'UP ALL NIGHT' - 24 million views
From the song that started the hiatus to the single that broke it, 'Up All Night' was the first single from 'Neighborhoods', and showcases the band's old fun party attitudes, but also shows they have grown up and matured, and can take on serious topics and discussions. 


13. 'JOSIE' - 26 million views
Did you know actress Alyssa Milano is in this video? Taken from the band's second album, 'Dude Ranch' it's always great to see the band's goofier side on display, especially in their younger days.


12. 'AFTER MIDNIGHT' - 29 million views
One that showcases Travis Barker's talent as a drummer and writer, and tells a very sweet, romantic story in its video, this is sadly the last single that features Tom DeLonge in the band! Sad times!


11. 'DOWN' - 32 million views
Taken from the band's self-titled album, the album depicts peak 2000's fashion as well as police officers in a car chase, led by Terry Crews! 


10. 'FEELING THIS' - 51 million views
Imagine a dystopian world where every school was treated like a prison, and the students were able to rebel through the power of blink-182's music. Only in their music videos!


9. 'STAY TOGETHER FOR THE KIDS' - 56 million views
From the 2001 album, 'Take Off Your Pants And Jacket', this video shows that blink-182, for as they're known for being goofy, can tackle serious topics, and depict them in a visual and aural manner equally well. Good on you, boys!


8. 'DAMMIT' - 57 million views
How many of you were introduced to this song through the video game, 'Guitar Hero: World Tour'? 'Dude Ranch' had some amazing tunes on it back in the day!


7. 'THE ROCK SHOW' - 60 million views
'I couldn't wait for the summer and the Warped Tour, I remember it's the first time that I saw her there'. The lead single from 'Take Off Your Pants And Jacket', this is what happens when you give a pop-punk band $500,000 to make a music video!


6. 'WHAT'S MY AGE AGAIN?' - 66 million views
The lead single from 'Enema Of The State', there's a reason why this video has become iconic, not just with blink fans, but with music fans in general. Only this band could get away with running naked through the streets of Los Angeles!


5. 'ALWAYS' - 70 million views
Certainly one of the most creative videos from the band's back catalogue, this was the final single from their self-titled album, and who can't love the 80s influences mixed with their pop-punk style to create something unique and great?


4. 'ADAM'S SONG' - 98 million views
An emotional comfort for fans and music lovers alike, this track definitely pulls at the heartstrings, and the music video skillfully depicts the song's tough and dark topic. 


3. 'FIRST DATE' - 131 million views
What if blink-182 existed in the 1970s? It would probably look something like this video...


2. 'ALL THE SMALL THINGS' - 218 million views
Their most successful single to date, the video to this 'Enema Of The State' classic pokes fun at pop stars and boy bands of the time and takes it to the extreme for comedy effect.


1. 'I MISS YOU' - 220 million views

"WHERE ARE YEW? AND OIM SO SORRY!" - yes, this is the most watched music video from blink-182! At 220 million views, that means that, if one person were to watch it equal to that view count, it would take them:

50,412,354,265 seconds
840,205,904 minutes
14,003,431 hours
583,476 days
83,354 weeks
1,599 years!

That's a lot of time listening to Tom DeLonge!

As many times as it has been made fun of and memed, there is a touching resonance within both the lyrics, as they reference the film, 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', and within the stripped instrumentation. The gothic music video encompases that, and it takes the song on a new artistic life. All together now: "Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head"

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