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These Are The Bands Who Have Played Warped Tour The Most Times

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 25 June 2019 at 12.35

With Warped Tour's 25th aniversary events kicking off this weekend, we thought we would take the opportunity to make the final power rankings of the festival. This is it, the 10 bands who have played the best summer ever the most over its history. 

10) NOFX  - 7
Punk legends who have spent their summers as part of the line-up since 1996, NOFX represent the carefree ethos of the festival that has held it together for so many years. Scrappy, anti-establishment and unpredictable, the way it should always be. 

9) SUM 41 - 8
I know it hurts your head to think about it but the likes of 'All Killer No Filler' came out in 2001. Yes, these lads have been smashing it on the Warped Tour for absolutely years. Bands have come and gone, but the Sum of 41 have always been there, rain or shine. 

One of the busiest and most brutal bands in hardcore were always going to have their name etched into Warped folklore. Started from the bottom and now they are here, with 8 appearances under their collective belts. 

One of the most consistant bands that post-hardcore has in its arsenal, Silverstein have spent nearly a decade's worth of summers fuelling that pit. Though there are more memories involving them than stars in the sky, they will be remembered most fondly for joining forces with Beartooth and creating the unconquerable Silvertooth. 

Pennywise are so legendary round the Warped Tour grounds that they couldn't resist coming back for one more hurrah this year. If you haven't sung 'Bro Hymn' at least once while havin the best day of your life, you've been doing it wrong. 

It's pretty mad to think, but Motionless have been part of the furniture for absolutely years. From bludgeoning metalcore alumni to the gothtastic behemoth that they are today, they've been cutting their teeth on the biggest stage of them all for their whole career and it's been a pleasure to behold. 

Your favourite band's favourite band spent a decade in the sun and carved out a legacy that continues to inspire thousands to this day. From 'Commit This To Memory' through to 'My Dinosaur Life', 'Even If It Kills Me' to 'Go', the band have played their way across America and won hearts everywhere that they stopped. 

3) ANTI-FLAG - 10
Warped has always been about acceptance and openness and few bands represent those values better than Anti-Flag, who brought their politically charged punk to Warped on 10 seperate occasions. Though the world around us may have been burning down, we always could depend on music to help us cope. 

Less Than Jake are by far the nicest ska punk band in the world, and their time on Warped only goes to extend that sentiment. The amount of people that joined them in celebrating their 365th day on the festival back in 2014 was as far as the eye can see and testement to the rewards that a lifetime on the road can reap. 

There could only be one. Legends both in and out of the scene. The soundtrack to everybody's past, present and future. Simple Plan have seen it all, done it all, lived it all and come out the other end still smiling. It's not often that a band can spend 12 years on the Warped Tour trail and still pull crowds the size that these lads have this summer, but here we are. We salute you Simple Plan. The worthy Warped Tour kings. 

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