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These Are The Band Members With Side Projects That Don’t Sound Like What You Would Expect

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 2 August 2018 at 12.51

A side-project serves as an escape from the ordinary. A chance to flex a different musical muscle. Yet when it comes to this lot, they completely turned expectations of them on their head. 


Though he has his name carved into pop-punk folklore thanks to 17 years of hitting the skins across the world for Fall Out Boy, Andy Hurley is a hardcore boy at heart. Like a fish needs water, Andy needs some nasty riffs to survive and that's where SECT comes in. The vegan straight edge crew's latest album 'No Cure For Death' is 15 minutes of pure anadultered filth that is a far cry from 'America's Suitehearts'. 

Who would have thought that crafting riffs in The Only Band Ever wouldn't every itch that our man Dallas has ever had. Responsible for some of the most interesting, volatile and unique punk-rock of this century, Alexisonfire are a far cry from the acoustic-based heartbreak of City & Colour. Taking things down a notch and injecting a shed load more emotion to make up the gaps, this is as opposite as you can get.

Craig Owens is one of the busiest people in the scene. It's almost like he is always doing something new, exciting and in many cases odd. Though no longer with them, his name and voice will always be sinominous with Chiodos, which when you listen to his latest venture badXchannels is difficult to get your head round. Glitchy and discomforting, this is a completely different kettle of noise altogether. 

There are few bands that went in as hard as The Dillinger Escape Plan. Creating some of the most visceral sounds ever commited to tape, it's fascinating to see the scope of vocalist Greg Puciato's taste when you listen to The Black Queen. Like sitting in the back room of neon lit club in 1980's Soho rather than the bed of nails in the middle of a hurricane that is Dillinger's back catalogue, it's a very welcome world away from the chaos. 

Our man Michael has made a name for himself in misery. Originally creating soundscapes with Shropshire bleak merchants The Elijah, he now croons and plucks for Being As An Ocean. Though when your name is associated with sadness so often, it's very interesting when your bit on the side is so delicate and lovely. Heart Of Gold released their debut EP back in 2016 and we still get all gooey eyed whenever we hear it. Even the coldest of hearts need love too after all. 

A many of many talents, Danny has never been happy with just being a post-hardcore legend. Who would have thought that the man screaming his lungs out on 'Stand Up And Scream' for Asking Alexandria would eventually release a country album? We're getting our asses to Mexico nonetheless. 

Though there are elements of pop and soul within the music that Issues create, when Tyler Carter heads out on his own it's pure sensual sass. Not a breakdown in sight and more atmospheric R n B than your local nightclub, you won't be moshpitting to these dittys any time soon.

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