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These Are The 20 Songs Neck Deep Have Played The Most Live

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 14 August 2019 at 11.59

The top song might not be what you're expecting...

Neck Deep; the band that never seems to slow down. For their dedicated following (including us), here are the songs Neck Deep have included on their set lists the most! Starting with a tie!

=19. 'ROCK BOTTOM' - 101 times
Taken from their 2015 album, 'Life's Not Out To Get You', this song has been missing from more recent live shows, but we remember it fondly.

=19. IN BLOOM - 101 times
Truly a travesty that this bad boy doesn't chart higher - recently Neck Deep have been bringing out friend and saxophonist Saxl Rose for an on-stage collaboration. A moment. A MOMENT.

=17. 'MOTION SICKNESS' - 107 times
Another tie, so early on on this list - and another from 'The Peace And The Panic'! Most recently, they've been using 'Motion Sickness' as the opener on their tour with blink-182.

=17. 'SILVER LINING' - 107 times
The last of the tied songs, this powerful punky track from their first EP, 'Rain In July', definitely brings a punch to their discography. Just a shame it hasn't been included in recent set lists. Bring it back, guys!

16. 'HAPPY JUDGEMENT DAY' - 121 times
Is anyone else blown away by the sheer number of songs off 'The Peace And The Panic' that have made it into their most-played songs? SO MANY. Especially considering the album is about to turn two years old.

15. 'WHERE DO WE GO WHEN WE GO' - 125 times
'The Peace And The Panic' has a lot of great songs, doesn't it? For a while, 'Where Do We Go When We Go' has been held for the encore - and recently it's been their very last song on the set.

14. 'ALL HYPE, NO HEART' - 132 times
Another punky anthem from their debut EP! Even though it's not included in their set lists in recent shows, and we miss it dearly, we can all take solace in the fact that the studio version is always there for us.

13. 'SERPENTS' - 137 times
An absolute travesty, but 'Serpents' was retired from Neck Deep's live sets in January of 2019 (in Eindhoven, to be exact). We miss it. We miss it dearly.

12. 'TABLES TURNED' - 146 times
This is another one which exists on this list solely to remind us of what was. It was retired a long time ago, and we miss it. However, doesn't this all just go to show what an absolute hit machine Neck Deep are? Outrageous.

11. 'CITIZENTS OF EARTH' - 166 times
Sometimes a favourite track has to be dropped from the setlist to make way for fresh new material to get its moment in the spotlight. We're okay with this bad boy being retired from live performance (for now), especially when you consider that Neck Deep have recently had to make room for 'She's A God' and their truly exceptional cover of 'Torn'.

10. 'LIME ST.' - 190 times
Another fan-favourite, sadly gone too soon. We miss you, 'Lime St.'.

9. 'OVER AND OVER' - 191 times
Admittedly, 'Over And Over' has had a bit of a headstart on a lot of tracks on this list (by a number of years), but that doesn't make it any less deserving of the ninth place on this list. Also - is this a good time to raise the idea of a full setlist entirely made up of songs from the first EPs? Yes?

8. 'DECEMBER' - 206 times
An absolute BANGER. Not to oversell it, but 'December (Again)' is quite possibly the best example of a modern pop-punk song. Also - while out on tour with blink-182, Mark Hoppus joined them on stage to perform it together. Absolutely incredible scenes.

7. 'CRUSHING GRIEF (NO REMEDY) - 210 times
The first appearance on this list from their debut album, 'Wishful Thinking', and the first single from that album, this song has recently been cut from live sets. It's a shame, because it it does a bang up job of pairing fun sounding music with deep and meaningful lyrics. 

6. 'KALI MA' - 241 times
Guessing Neck Deep are fans of the Indiana Jones films? Nice reference to 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' in both the title and the detail within the chorus! It's not currently part of their setlist, but it's one of those tracks that will always have a place at a Neck Deep headliner (fingers crossed, anyway).

5. 'LOSING TEETH' - 247 times
Another from 'Wishful Thinking' that has disappeared from the set list! The studio version is still blody great (obviously), but it's one of those classics that we'd love to see make a return to the stage.

4. 'GOLD STEPS' - 264 times
Typically the second song on their set list, 'Gold Steps' is an absolute CLASSIC. And here's a fun fact - since it was released in 2015, there's only been 48 occasions where they haven't played it live. FUN FACT.

3. 'CAN'T KICK UP THE ROOTS' - 277 times
Another that has cemented itself within the live shows, either as an encore track or within the main set list - we don't really want to live in a world where 'Can't Kick Up The Roots' is taken off their setlists, please and thank you.

2. 'A PART OF ME' - 306 times
Look, we acknowledge that it's a rare occurence for an acoustic track to feature in any most-played list. However, Neck Deep don't give a single shit about that, and have made 'A Part Of Me' a big part of their live shows. Such a big part, that it takes out the silver medal.

1. 'WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?' - 319 times
Was this what you were expecting? Considering this originally featured on the 'Rain In July EP' and was then rerecorded to be included on 'Wishful Thinking', it shows how far the band have come in the development of their sound and style, and their progression through their releases. It's still brought out on special occasions (think the final Vans Warped Tour, and Slam Dunk Festival sets), but recently hasn't made an appearance on an actual tour setlist.

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