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These Are The 16 Songs That My Chemical Romance Played The Most Times Live

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 8 November 2019 at 14.48


Before they were an idea, they were a band - and that band was pretty bloody prolific.

Now that they're a band again, we're taking a look back at the roughly (exactly) 1,093 shows they've performed live to date, ahead of their massive comeback show next month. Starting with..

16. 'THE GHOST OF YOU' - 191 times
We're kicking off proceedings with 'The Ghost Of You', off 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge'! The song was retired from their setlists between 2007 and 2010, but made a roaring return in 2011.

15. 'I DON'T LOVE YOU' - 193 times
There's something pretty magical about the way a whole crowd screams along to the final chorus of 'I Don't Love You'. There's something so guttural and primal about it. Also, the song is great. So great that it ended up being included in their live sets 193 times.

14. 'THIS IS HOW I DISAPPEAR' - 222 times
Have you watched The Black Parade Is Dead too many times if every time you hear the intro to 'This Is How I Disappear' you have to shout "GET UP OFF THE FLOOR"? Asking for a friend. 

13. 'DEAD!' - 236 times
This bad boy wasn't ever a single, but it was a fan favourite - so it only makes sense that it got a lot of love on their setlists over the years.

12. 'CEMETERY DRIVE' - 258 times
You already know what it is when that snare beat kicks in. Also, it's worth noting that during 'The Black Parade' era, during the "way down" moment, Mikey Way would oftentimes fall to the ground. Get it - because he's a Way, and he's down? Way down? 

11. 'THANK YOU FOR THE VENOM' - 274 times
Arguably their best song (possibly personal opinion that we're framing as fact), this absolute classic was such a moment-maker in their set that it usually popped up as the second song on the setlist on the band's final run. That nifty lead guitar work by lightning-fingers Ray Toro is entirely outrageous. We're still in awe.

10. 'HOUSE OF WOLVES' - 288 times
You want high energy? 'House Of Wolves' is giving you HIGH ENERGY. Make the security work for their pay-cheque, crowdsurf over the barrier etc etc.

09. 'FAMOUS LAST WORDS' - 330 times
It's truly mad that My Chem were ever painted as a band that wanted anything other than for their fans to stay strong and carry on - and 'Famous Last Words' proves it. Still one of the most inspirational songs. What a band.

08. 'CANCER' - 333 times
Are you ready to get your cry on? Arguably the most emotionally-charged song in their repertoire got a whole lot of love in their setlists.

Sure, this bad boy was released on 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge', but it was still a setlist staple pretty much the whole way through 'The Black Parade' and 'Danger Days...' touring cycles. Nothing brings a room full of strangers together quite like all shouting in unison "THEY MAKE ME DO PUSH-UPS IN DRAG". 

06. 'TEENAGERS' - 365 times
Honestly, this whole song was always so relatable - teenagers are terrifying, even when you are one. This fist-pumping sing-along classic really got a whole lot of love at their live shows, which is how it's cracked spot number six on the list - beaten out of the fifth position by a single play. A SINGLE PLAY.

05. 'MAMA' - 366 times
Oh, 'Mama'. It's still outrageous that My Chem managed to get Liza Minelli to sing on this track. As far as live performances go, this one was a classic right to the end - it was even played at their very last show in 2012. 

It only takes a single G note. Or more accurately, 384 single G notes. There's really no surprises here - 'Welcome To The Black Parade' was a staple of their live sets from the minute it was released (and always encouraged the best singalongs).

03. 'GIVE 'EM HELL, KID' - 389 times
It was never a single, but My Chemical Romance gave 'Give 'Em Hell, Kid' the respect that it deserved. 'Give 'Em Hell' walks away with the bronze, and 389 plays.

02. 'HELENA' - 514 times
We're going to leave this one alone, and just mention that 'Helena' is the last song they played at what used to be their final show, back in 2012.

01. 'I'M NOT OKAY (I PROMISE)' - 521 times
There had to be one, and this one just makes sense. Arguably, the song that started it all - it only makes sense that it was played the most times live (even if it only beats out second place by seven). Here's to 'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)', here's to My Chemical Romance - here's to the broken, the beaten and the damned.

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