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These Are The 15 Songs That Twenty One Pilots Have Played The Most Times Live

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 13 March 2019 at 17.23

We've run the numbers.

Twenty One Pilots have just wrapped up their three-night run at London's Wembley Arena! We're feeling nostalgic, so we've taken a look through and run the numbers on the songs that they've played the most times live. 

Starting with...

15. 'THE JUDGE' - 224 times
Is there a more unifying experience on Earth than an entire room of people shouting "JOSH DUN" in the final chorus of 'The Judge'? There is not. 

14. 'HOUSE OF GOLD' - 244 times
A highlight of any Twenty One Pilots show is when Tyler whips out his ukulele for the most wholesome singalong of all time. While not currently a part of the setlist, it was a staple for so long that it still has a piece of our heart.

13. 'THE RUN AND GO' - 248 times
Fun fact! The last time 'The Run And Go' was played live during a headline set was March 30, 2016. A full three years ago!

12. 'TEAR IN MY HEART' - 258 times

11. 'HEAVYDIRTYSOUL' - 264 times
The whole Emotional Roadshow opened with 'Heavydirtysoul', all the way through to Tour de Columbus - but alas, 'Heavydirtysoul' was left in Columbus and is yet to be revived in the era of 'Trench'.

10. 'WE DON'T BELIEVE WHAT'S ON TV' - 283 times
Six words for you: "one, two, three - YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!".

=08. 'RIDE' - 328 times
One of the best parts of seeing 'Ride' live is when Josh just casually gets an entire drumkit up on top of the crowd. Incomparable. 

=08. 'STRESSED OUT' - 328 times
We'll be feeling 'Stressed Out' if this ever gets cut from the setlist. That's it. That's the whole description.

07. 'LANE BOY' - 329 times
By show of hands, how many of us know the choreography to this bad boy? 

06. 'ODE TO SLEEP' - 353 times
Another 'Vessel' track, gone from our setlists too soon. This one was last played at Tour de Columbus as well, but we still love and miss it.

05. 'MIGRAINE' - 440 times
We're having a 'Migraine' over the fact that 'Migraine' also got left behind after Tour de Columbus. But ultimately, the problem here is that Pilots are an absolute hit machine, and without playing their entire discography every single show, there will always be a track that misses out.

04. 'GUNS FOR HANDS' - 518 times
It's impressive that 'Guns For Hands' places so high on this list, given it hasn't been played in two years. 

03. 'TREES' - 549 times
Can you remember a time when Twenty One Pilots weren't closing their shows with 'Trees'? Apparently it's happened. About 53 times. 

Since 2015 (possibly earlier?!) Tyler and Josh have jumped on top of the crowd with a tom drum each during 'Trees', and closed their shows the best way possible.

02. 'CAR RADIO' - 589 times
It's hard to even begin to explain how absolutely integral 'Car Radio' is to a live Twenty One Pilots set to someone who hasn't experienced it in person. Tyler climbing a platform in the center of an arena is a spectacle now so ingrained in a Twenty One Pilots show that it's hard to even remember a moment that wasn't part of the set. 

01. 'HOLDING ON TO YOU' - 603 times
Is it even a Twenty One Pilots show without Josh's backflip, and Tyler's flying leap during 'Holding On To You'?

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