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These Are The 15 Songs PVRIS Have Played The Most Times Live

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 23 October 2019 at 16.12

Bet you can't guess which one takes the crown.

PVRIS are back on the cover of Rock Sound this month, explaining how the past number of months have been entirely transformational in making them the band they want to be. Read the full story and pick up your copy now from SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV.

As PVRIS are releasing a brand new EP this coming Friday in the form of the five-track 'Hallucinations', we thought this was the perfect moment to recount the songs that they give the most love to live! Starting with...

15. 'NO MERCY' - 63 times
Atmospheric and fiery, this bad boy off 'All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell' kicks off proceedings in the best way possible. It was a huge part of their setlists during the 'AWKOH, AWKOH' album cycle, but hasn't been shown nearly as much love during live sets since their return. 


14. 'GHOSTS' - 65 times
Whilst not on recent set lists, this track from PVRIS' brilliant debut album 'White Noise' is still a fan favourite (even if it was last played live in 2017 - Rest In Peace).


13. 'ANYONE ELSE' - 85 times
Genuinely, just hearing Lynn scream "I don't belong to anyone else" is enough reason for this track to be a staple at their live shows - and its legacy endures, having been performed the whole way through their intimate North American tour.


12. 'WINTER' - 88 times
The good news is that 'Winter' is still a live staple. The bad news is that it's somehow only been played live 71 times, which is madness.


11. 'WHAT'S WRONG' - 104 times
"I don't need a metaphor for you to know I'm miserable". 'Nuff said.


10. 'HALF' - 109 times
Not only is this song an absolute banger, this is also one of those sick moments during the live set where Lynn Gunn has been known to hop on drumming duties. 


9. 'HEAVEN' - 126 times
Remember when this single dropped and everyone went crazy for it? Yeah. So it's basically that feeling, but they play it live. 


8. 'YOU AND I" - 191 times
We're not even going to entertain the idea that 'You And I' might one day not be on a PVRIS setlist. We're not even entert


7. 'HOLY' - 212 times
'Holy' is such an important song for so many reasons, and part of that is that it sends a message about PVRIS shows being an inclusive and welcoming space.


6. 'WHITE NOISE' - 218 times
Not to panic you, but 'White Noise' was last played live in 2017. That's right - it wasn't played at all in 2018, and it wasn't brought back in the new era. 


5. 'MIRRORS' - 283 times
"And in the morning I'll wait to see you again." - all of us after single PVRIS show.


4. 'SMOKE' - 303 times


3. 'FIRE' - 315 times
We all colletively held out breath when PVRIS took 'Fire' off their setlist in 2018 - but we needn't have panicked! It's back! PVRIS have added 'Fire' back into the mix at their recent shows, and long may that last.


2. 'ST. PATRICK' - 372 times
Sure, 'St. Patrick' had a bit of a head start on the rest of this list, but that doesn't make it any less deserving of the silver. Can you imagine a live PVRIS show without it? You can't. Don't even try.


1. 'MY HOUSE' - 403 times
Something had to take the gold, and honestly, 'My House' deserves it. It's still the encore at live PVRIS shows, and with good reason. Absolute banger. Absolute tune. 

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