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These Are The 14 Songs That All Time Low Have Played Live The Most Times Live

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 2 January 2020 at 17.09


We all love an All Time Low show, don't we? But which songs get more love than others?

We've run the numbers on the songs that All Time Low have played the most times live.

14. 'THE PARTY SCENE' - 400 times
Oh, 'The Party Scene'. Gone from our setlists too soon. This bad boy turns 14 years old this year! Oh, how time has flown! 

13. 'BACKEAT SERENADE' - 453 times
Off their 2012 album 'Don't Panic!', 'Backseat Serenade' has had a big workout in All Time Low's live sets. While the studio version features a vocal cameo from Cassadee Pope, sadly there's never been a live collab. Which is a hate crime. 

12. 'THERAPY' - 541 times
Have you even lived if you haven't been part of an All Time Low singalong to a stripped back version of 'Therapy'? No. You have not.

11. 'STELLA' - 547 times
Who is Stella? Turns out it isn't named after a girl as you may suspect, it's actually named after the beer Stella Artois. True story. But either would be on-brand.

10. 'TIME-BOMB' - 555 times
'Time-Bomb' was that neat moment in their set where they'd pull a collection of fans over the barrier and get them to join the band on stage to sing and dance. A good time was had by all.

09. 'REMEMBERING SUNDAY' - 591 times
If you've never cried to 'Remembering Sunday' we don't know what to tell you. It's an emotionally charged part of any All Time Low set.

08. 'POPPIN' CHAMPAGNE' - 639 times
This bad boy got a big workout when All Time Low went out and played the entirety of 'So Wrong, It's Right' celebrating 10 years since its release last year. And it continues to be a massive crowd-pleaser.

07. 'SIX FEET UNDER THE STARS' - 703 times

06. 'COFFEE SHOP SOUNDTRACK' - 851 times
It's a classic for a reason. 

05. 'DAMNED IF I DO YA (DAMNED IF I DON'T)' - 867 times
And woah-oh-oh how was I supposed to know that this was one of All Time Low's biggest songs?

04. 'LOST IN STEREO' - 900 times
There was a time where All Time Low opened all their sets with 'Lost In Stereo'. We miss those days.

03. 'JASEY RAE' - 906 times
'Jasey Rae' has admittedly got a head start on most songs on this list, but it's a classic for a reason. Screaming along to "DON'T MAKE THIS EASY, I WANT YOU TO MEAN IT - JASEEEEY" will forever be a classic All Time Low moment. Long live 'Jasey Rae'.

02. 'WEIGHTLESS' - 981 times
'Weightless' is super great and deserves the silver here, nothing personal. 

01. 'DEAR MARIA' - 1,329 times
*Cough* there could only be one, and no one would be surprised to hear that it's 'Dear Maria'. If they tried to take it off their setlist, there would be rioting in the streets. It's a staple, it's a classic, it's the moment where they throw their guitars into the air to be caught by their techs. God bless you, 'Dear Maria'.

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