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These Are The 14 Songs That Against The Current Have Played The Most Times Live

Naomi Sanders
Naomi Sanders 17 April 2019 at 15.00

You might be surprised at the result!

Against The Current. You love them. We love them. In terms of their live shows though, what from their discography has been played the most live? Time to take a dive into it, and celebrate their music...

13. 'ROSES' - 88 times
Whilst not included in their most recent live shows, this sweet song featured on their debut album 'In Our Bones' is heartbreaking to hear due to the beautiful instrument and pain-filled lyrics. It brings a tear to every fan's eye.

12. 'PARALYZED' - 90 times
Another track whose absence is felt strongly, 'Paralyzed' is a fist-pumping track that showcases the energy the band have within the pop/rock genre. Maybe they'll bring it back in the future? Fingers crossed!

=10. 'DREAMING ALONE' - 99 times
The first of the tied songs, it's great to see this classic from the 'Gravity EP' still being played live to this day. Now, if only Taka of ONE OK ROCK would join in at their shows (hint hint).

=10. 'CHASING GHOSTS' - 99 times
The other song tied with 'Dreaming Alone', this beautiful and atmospheric track from 'In Our Bones' has also become a staple at their live shows.

9. 'ONE MORE WEEKEND' - 101 times
This is definitely a fun party jam for people to dance to whenever fans hear this track from 'In Our Bones' live. Good thing it continues to be added to their set list!

8. 'FORGET ME NOW' - 109 times
This singalong classic, whilst sadly no longer is included on the set list, does prove how many amazing songs 'In Our Bones' has and why Against The Current have earned their place in people's hearts.

7. 'TALK' - 136 times
The 'Gravity' EP had a lot of great songs on it, right? Sadly this isn't included on their most recent set lists, but fans can still jam along to the amazing studio version. 

6. 'WASTELAND' - 139 times
Atmospheric and grandiose, this is definitely the perfect track to close the live shows with before the encore tracks. 

The lead single from the band's debut album, this was the song that really kicked off things for the trio, so how could they not feature it in their live shows?

4. 'ANOTHER WAY (ANOTHER YOU)' - 155 times
A classic from their debut EP 'Infinity', it's great that the band usually save this for last as their encore song so that even new fans can listen and appreciate even their oldest but most loved material.

3. 'RUNAWAY' - 180 times
Still included on the set list, the second single from 'In Our Bones' this fun, carefree song definitely brings energy wherever it's played, and as the usual second or third song to be played that night, it helps liven up even the most tired of attendees!

2. 'INFINITY' - 197 times
So high up, yet not played in recent shows, fans can still love and appreciate this sweet little song on the band's 'Infinity' EP. 

1. 'GRAVITY' - 207 times
Brought back at the band's most recent stops along the road, this really showcases Chrissy's powerhouse vocals, and the talented musicianship and instrumentation from the whole band that delivers this powerful song that is still gettin love when played live!

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