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These Are All The Times That Don Broco Mention Food & Drink In Their Songs

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 19 December 2018 at 12.06

Bare with us here.

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There are a lot of things we love about Don Broco, one of them being their way with words. We love it even more when they incorporate food and drink into their wittiest of bars. So we have filtered through the band's discography to collate all the moments that they drop the tasty stuff in their songs. You're welcome. 

We are going way back with this one, and it's worth it because 'Top Of The World' mentions one of the best biscuits ever on its first line. No, not Hob Nobs you common ilk, Jammy Dodgers! What do you mean you don't like Jammy Dodgers? What did you used to eact at parties when you were growing up? Hmm. Now the song may not actually be talking about the biscuit, but who cares? Jammy Dodgers for all! Unless Broco were actually singing about a biscuit going out on the pull...

Terms of endearment are a huge part of a relationship. Baby, honey, cutie pie and everything in between. Yet sometimes food stuffs get thrown into the mix, you know to spice things up. Much like in the lyrics of 'Priorities' which states 'I miss you pumpkin, I miss you babe'. So next time you're greeting your better half, go against social conventions and call them your pomegranate. Or guava. 

What's the most exotic fruit you've ever eaten. We once went to the Dominicon Republic and tried a Soursop. It was delicious and we ate it while looking out over the most beautiful sunset we've ever seen. Can you beat that? Yeah, thought not. Anyway according to Rob Damiani he has all of the exotic fruits AND delicious treats you could ever need. Hey Bobby, have you got any soursops?

Everybody loves cake. If somebody tells you that they don't like cake, point at them and shout "LIAR" because they are lying to your face. Not sure what cake Broco are singing about here but they are the subject of this catchy number has their cake and wants to eat it, but they won't. We hope it's a victoria sponge. A classic. 

Much like mince pies, crackers, arguments and Eastenders, mulled wine is a traditional part of a cracking Christmas. It's that lovely warmth you can only get with a long glass of festive joy. Yet as Broco state having a whole bucket of it and not eating any dinner will have dire consequences. Sesh responsibly kids. 

Though no exact drink is mentioned, we have all been there when a beverage has found its way on to our best linen number. Some are easy to mask. Pint? No problem. Lemonade? No one will ever know. Red wine? Ohhhhhh, you're in trouble now buddy. Cue everybody saying "You'll need some white wine to get that out" while pointing and laughing as you run to the toilet to run it under a tap. 

This is the one. The song which taught us all to stop talking about anything next to our phone. The song that told us that once Rob Damiani's mum made him chilli con carne and rice for his tea. The song that comes into our head everytime we're are looking at tinned goods in our local supermarket and spot the Stagg. This is the most woke tune about food ever penned and you cannot change our minds. Iconic. 

Out of nowhere, gin and tonics have become an institution in the bar world. Back in the day you would get a slice of lime, some ice and maybe a smile from your bartender. That's all you needed. Now they come in bloody goblets with loads of foilage and cost £20 a pop. It's absolutely ace tbh, don't know why we're complaining. So you get to have a delicious beverage and then some nutritious fruit when the liquid has all gone, as explained within the folds of this filthy number. 

This one felt too obvious, but then felt like we should be purists. Seeing as we all know the feeling of waiting for ages, feeling lost and alone and knowing that all we need to bring us back down to earth is a lovely cold one. Afterall there's nothing more refreshing than a pumpy Coke. Or a cranberry juice. Or just plain old water. A simple forgotten pleasure. 

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