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These Are Nine Of M. Shadows’ Best Guest Appearances

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 31 July 2019 at 15.58

Aside from fronting one of the biggest bands in the world, Avenged Sevenfold's M. Shadows also likes to keep himself busy by appearing on other people's songs. 

To celebrate the fact it's M. Shadows' birthday today, here are nine of his best ever guest appearances.

MGK is no stranger to bringing a rock and roller in to feature on one of his tracks, and in the case of ‘Save Me’, the first track from debut album ‘Lace Up’, the appearance is more than just a quick verse and go. As MGK gets faster and more aggressive in his flow, it’s then that Shadows’ signature gravelly tone comes in and takes the track to a whole other level. Putting absolutely everything into a track is what makes a listener really feel the words that are being sung, and you know every turn of phrase belted out here is as raw and real as it comes.

Remember when Avenged Sevenfold first burst onto the scene and churned out metalcore like it was nobody’s business? Oh, you bet that we remember. Death By Stereo played a huge part in developing that classic mid 00’s sound that the genre has since been renowned for alongside A7X, and it only seems right for our Matthew to pop up on one their most melodically punishing offerings. Oh, what a brilliant time in music.

If you didn’t already know, when Chris Jericho isn’t cracking skulls on the biggest stage in the world for WWE he fronts a hard rock band. Never let anyone tell you you can’t do absolutely everything you want in life. Anyway, look on in wonder as M. Shadows pops up to blast out the chorus with Chris on this track from their 2012 record ‘Sin And Bones’. Spot some of those sweet Evil Dead 2 references littered throughout the video too.

Atreyu’s latest album ‘In Our Wake’ saw them tearing away from the heavy tropes that they were once renowned for, and dipping their toes into plenty of fresh pools of inspiration. There's not many better examples of that experimentation than on this track. Featuring not just Shadows but also Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie, this is a sprawling, dynamic and theatrical number that lingers with you even after the last note has been played.

Did someone order a large portion of metal supergroup? Featuring current and ex members of Mushroomhead, Strapping Young Lad and Integrity, Pitch Black Forecast is a real clash of different heavy worlds. That array of styles goes even further with this vocal performance from M that appears on an album that also features Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe and Devin Townsend. Phew. Also the track slams.

Back before Slash joined forces with Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators for three albums of sprawling rock goodness, he put out a solo album. Originally dubbed as ‘Slash & Friends’, it was a collaborative effort between the legendary guitarist and a selection of his favourite musicians. So rubbing shoulders with the likes of Chris Cornell, Iggy Pop and even Fergie, Shadows made an appearance on the surprisingly heavy ‘Nothing To Say’. Pure headbang fuel.

Here’s a quick potted history for you: Device was a band put together by Disturbed’s David Draiman and Filter’s Geno Lenardo. They released one solitary album back in 2013. Swerving more into the industrial rock side of things than either of their other projects, the addition of Shadows’ voice on this pulsating number serves as both a departure from everybody’s comfort zone but also a match made in hard rock heaven.

Serving as a place for Atreyu’s Brandon Sellers to let out all of his classic rock and roll cravings, Hell Or Highwater are the perfect kind of band for M. Shadows to lend his vocal talents to. Following the same musical route as Avenged in the last few years, ‘Go Alone’ is an emotional, hard hitting and rollicking track that lets both vocalists really let it rip.

Metalcore alumni and neck snappers in arms, Bleeding Through invited Matt to have some fun on this track from their 2002 sophomore effort ‘Portrait Of The Goddess’. With Avenged releasing their thumping debut ‘Sounding The Seventh Trumpet’ a year earlier, this is the sound of two bands both coming up in a big way clashing in the most violent of manners.  

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