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These Are 14 Of The Craziest Things That People Have Seen At Gigs

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 28 February 2018 at 16.51

We asked a bunch of people what the craziest thing they've seen at a gig was, and their answers were insane, weird and utterly hilarious. 

01) "Some people brought in jugs of milks and started throwing them at each other."

02) "Jedward in the moshpit at a Neck Deep gig." 

03) "Awsten jumped onto Otto over his drums." 

04) "Having a shite on the main stage at Reading." 

05) "Alex Gaskarth had to leave the stage to take a shit and someone from the audience took his place." 

06) "An old couple slow dancing at Motionless In White." 

07) "A man removing his leg mid mosh." 

08) "Doing a handstand on a dude in the crowd." 

09) "I saw a little girl stage dive at Crown The Empire." 

10) "Stood behind a dude dressed as Shrek with an inflatable chainsaw." 

11) "An older gentlemen taking off his flip flops to go into the moshpit at a Beartooth Concert." 

12) "A lady with a stroller in a circle pit." 

13) "A guy performing found a random person in the crowd and they raced to see who could shotgun a beet faster."

14) Just, this.  

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