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The Essential Pop-Punk Playlist Part 1: Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, Four Year Strong + More

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 18 August 2014 at 14.41

Issue 191 of Rock Sound is pretty much a pop-punk special, and inside, we give our run-down of the genre's 51 most essential albums. Inspired by the feature, we'll be running a bunch of video playlists throughout the month to showcase some of pop-punk's finest video moments. 

 THE BAND: Save Your Breath 
 THE SONG: 'Stay Young'
 FIND IT: 'Vices' (Purgatory, '11)
 BEST BIT: When good old Seany Sean from The Blackout dives in with his "I GUESS YOU MUST BE GOING DEEEEAF" line. Try and keep your fists by your side at that bit.

 THE BAND: Yellowcard
 THE SONG: 'Ocean Avenue'
 FIND IT: 'Ocean Avenue' (Capitol, '03)
 BEST BIT: That violin line after the final chorus when the song winds down. Pop-punk hasn't been the same since.

 THE BAND: The All-American Rejects
 THE SONG: 'Swing Swing'
 FIND IT: 'The All-American Rejects' (Doghouse / Dreamworks, '02)
 BEST BIT: That warm fuzzy feeling you get when Tyson Ritter echoes "I'll find someone new" ahead of the chorus. If you got your heart broken back in the summer of '03, you know the feels.

 THE BAND: Man Overboard
 THE SONG: 'Montrose'
 FIND IT: 'Real Talk' (Run For Cover, '10)
 BEST BIT: At 1:16 in the video, when the band are playing around a campfire and someone cracks out the sparklers. Sparklers rule.

 THE BAND: Simple Plan
 THE SONG: 'I'd Do Anything'
 FIND IT: 'No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls' (Lava / Atlantic, '02)
 BEST BIT: Those harmonies in the chorus. Say what you like about Simple Plan, but you can't deny their singalong chops. 

 THE BAND: State Champs
 THE SONG: 'Elevated'
 FIND IT: 'The Finer Things' (Pure Noise, '13)
 BEST BIT: All of it. The song is a pop-punk anthem for the new era, and the video crams all the fun of Warped Tour into three-and-a-half minutes. Seriously, THIS BAND.

 THE BAND: Mayday Parade
 THE SONG: 'When I Get Home, You're So Dead'
 FIND IT: 'A Lesson In Romantics' (Fearless, '07)
 BEST BIT: Just the fact it makes you remember when Jason Lancaster was back in Mayday Parade and everything was perfect and right with the world. The man's got a set of lungs like no other.

 THE BAND: The Movielife
 THE SONG: 'Single White Female' 
 FIND IT: 'This Time Next Year' (Revelation, '00)
 BEST BIT: 2:43 when the band get shot down with a bottle of water by the song's subject matter. Oh, it burns!

 THE BAND: Four Year Strong
 THE SONG: 'It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now'
 FIND IT: 'Enemy Of The World' (Decaydance / Universal, '10)
 BEST BIT: At 2:23 in the lipsync version of the music video where the band turn up. Fun fact: this promo vid was filmed just around the corner from the Rock Sound office. 

 THE BAND: Good Charlotte
 THE SONG: 'The Anthem'
 FIND IT: 'The Young And The Hopeless' (Epic / Daylight, '02)
 BEST BIT: The bouncy hydraulics car that makes its first appearance at 0:18 in the video. A decent reminder that GC never did take themselves too seriously, even if everyone else did at the time.

All of this lot feature in our 51 Most Essential Pop-Punk Albums Of All Time list. Grab the new issue to find out where they placed. You can download it digitally, order a copy to your door or pick it up from UK / Irish stores now!

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