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The Story Of Our Setlist: Set It Off

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 1 May 2019 at 16.17

Welcome to our new feature!

Have you ever wondered what goes into selecting your favourite bands' setlists? Wonder no more!

This is The Story Of Our Setlist - where we get the story behind some of the biggest songs on your favourite bands' setlists. And kicking it all off is Rock Sound cover stars Set It Off!

We sat down with Zach and Dan and found out the story behind their opening song, their closing song, and so so much more.

Opening Song: ‘Lonely Dance’
Dan: "We start with ‘Lonely Dance’. It was the second single to come off our new album ‘Midnight’, and I think that it was a really strong vision of what the record was going to sound like. ‘Killer In The Mirror’ was kind of the intro to it… And 'Lonely Dance' had a really great response - the whole music video, people seemed to really like that vibe. So it’s a really high energy, high tempo song to come out with, and it brings together our old and new sound perfectly."

Zach: "What I think the song represents is being an introvert, and being okay with finding your own space without other people influencing you. That you can just stay in your room on your own and do what you want, and that’s totally fine and should be accepted. And I think Cody, when he was writing this song... there’s a whole scene in LA when you’re there, you kinda feel like it’s forced conversations or it’s like you’re trying to network with the right people, and sometimes that can just be very stressful. So this song is about how having your own space and doing your own thing is really positive to help you reset."

Closing Song: ‘Wolf In Sheep's Clothing’
Dan: "That song is an anomaly - it was never a single, we never made a music video for it, we never did anything for it. But this YouTube community grabbed hold of it, and it’s still our highest-streamed song. It still has the hugest fan reaction when we play it live! People who are just finding out about our band still love to hear that song. It’s just undeniably our biggest song."

Zach: "Yeah, we used to have this joke all the time when we were talking about other bandsand we’d ask ‘what’s their ‘Why Worry’? What do they have that’s their ‘Why Worry’ song?'. And then we sort of realised that ‘Why Worry’ isn’t even our ‘Why Worry’ song - it’s actually ‘Wolf In Sheep's Clothing’."

Song That Will Always Be On The Setlist: ‘Why Worry’
Both: "‘Why Worry’."

Zach: "Yeah, probably ‘Why Worry’ or ‘Wolf [In Sheeps Clothing]’."

Dan: "I can see ‘Wolf [in Sheep’s Clothing]' being one of those songs that we take off for a bit, and then bring it back after a tour off or something though..."

Rock Sound: "So you don’t see ‘Wolf In Sheeps Clothing’ as your ‘Saturday’ by Fall Out Boy - you won’t close on it forever?"

Both: "It is!"

Zach: "I don’t think we’ll always close with it, but I do think that it will be on the set forever. Or at least a version of it will be."

Oldest Song: ‘Partners in Crime’

Zach: "Or technically ‘Dreamcatchers’..."

Dan: "Yeah, so technically there’s a medley in the middle that goes through lots of old songs from ‘Cinematics’ all the way up to ‘Midnight’. In that way, ‘Dreamcatcher’ is probably the oldest one that’s in there - but otherwise ‘Partners In Crime’ off ‘Cinematics’ which we play in full. They’re both in there."

Zach: "I feel like there’s been enough time that’s passed now, that playing these old songs in this new way and reimagined as a part of the medley - I still get a big kick out of playing them. And it’s amazing that those older songs are still resonating with fans."

Dan: "Yeah, and that medley kicks my ass - it shows our age, because all our newer songs are still high energy, but they’re all about 130 or 140 bpm tempo. But ‘Partners In Crime’ is 190 beats per minute, so I’m running around on stage trying to catch my breath."

Song With The Best Crowd Reaction: ‘Killer In The Mirror’

Zach: "So we put out ‘Upside Down’ and then kind of laid low after that release, and then we came back strong with ‘Killer In The Mirror’. I feel like our fans really really love that song, and I think it’s the perfect joining of our music together all in one song. And in the bridge, Cody goes out and does a God-walk on the crowd, and the kids love that."


Favourite Moment On The Setlist: 'Criminal Minds' & 'Killer In The Mirror'
Dan: "I really love playing ‘Criminal Minds’ because it’s a newer song, and it has this really great jump tempo, so it’s really cool just seeing all the kids moving together at the same time."

Zach: "I think it’s probably ‘Killer In The Mirror’ when Cody’s doing his god walk, and the kids all scream the ‘KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK EM ALL THE FUCK OUT’. It’s always SO goddamn loud."

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