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The Seven Bands That Joyce Manor Are Totally Ripping Off Right Now

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 21 July 2014 at 09.28

Californian emo punks Joyce Manor release their new album 'Never Hungover Again' this week through Epitaph. To, err, celebrate, the band's frontman Barry Johnson reveals whose notes he's been cribbing...

Le Joshua

"To this day, whenever we use a certain chord shape we call it 'the Le Joshua chord'. I still don't know the technical term for it is but we use it in almost every song."

Toys That Kill
"Jimmy from Toys That Kills drumming completely shaped how Joyce Manor songs sound. We have used the TTK drum beat in over half of the songs we have ever written."

"Dissonant guitars, pop hooks, self deprecating lyrics... no way we would be the same band without them."

Summer Vacation
"After my first time seeing Summer Vacation play, Joyce Manor completely changed. I had never seen a melodic band that was so intense. They had everything I loved about Le Joshua with the deceptively simple pop sensibility of Toys That Kill."

Guided by Voices
"Bob pollards vocal melodies are all over our band. These guys are the shit."

"I completely stole the song ‘Teachers Get Tired’. Like, 100% ripped it off. Check it out."

"I definitely rip off Tony Molina's lyrical style. Nothing flowery, just the facts. Very tight."


Joyce Manor's third album 'Never Hungover Again' is out today through Epitaph. Want to know what we made of it? Download the new issue of Rock Sound to read our review!

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