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The Rock Sound Top 50 Albums of 2018: 30-21

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 28 December 2018 at 12.17

We're continuing the biggest countdown of 2018!

In the Rock Sound Awards issue (available now from AWARDS.ROCKSOUND.TV) we counted down the Top 50 albums of the year. 

As another incredible year for music draws to a close, here are the most groundbreaking, unforgettable and flat-out brilliant albums of 2018. Check out 50-41 here, and 40-31 here as we continue our countdown with 40-31 below.


Limbs by name, limber by nature. Building on the foundations of 2017’s frantic ‘SLEEP’ with the help of some delicious melodies, pummelling heaviness and brooding atmospherics, ‘Father’s Son’ painted a picture of a band with a lot to get off their chests, and a few tricks up their sleeves. It’ll be fascinating to see what comes next.


Taking a dip into the human psyche while penning some beautiful music along the way? It’s just what Tonight Alive do. Inspirational, unique and heartfelt in equal measure, ‘Underworld’ managed to sound mature and life-affirming - yet still playful and bundles of fun. Good luck finding many better choruses than ‘Temple’.


Building on the trademark screams, thrashing guitars and pounding drums that we fell in love with on their debut, Marmozets’ followup record was a triumphant leap towards something grander. Taking a more mature stance on a record packed with pop-fuelled energy and grungey melodies, these songs elevated them to a new level.


Deciding that it was time for something of a left turn, the Norfolk five-piece looked to new, neon-lit pastures for ‘Rituals’. Taking a brave step away from their alt.rock beginnings and towards a lush, yet confessional electro-pop sound underlined that Deaf Havana aren’t afraid to test expectations as well as musical boundaries.


Rolling forward with the power and momentum of a runaway train, Bury Tomorrow are still powering on through and not giving a fuck about what anyone else is doing. Among UK metal’s leading lights, they delivered their most definitive statement to date with the ruthless, epic and searing ‘Black Flame’.


From New York to Tokyo, the creation of Beartooth’s third record spanned the oceans - and the resulting sound was just as epic. With lyrics more open and honest than Caleb Shomo had ever penned before, accompanied by riffs it’d be worth headbanging yourself into oblivion to, ‘Disease’ really got under our skin.


The rise and rise of The Xcerts continued this year with the excellent ‘Hold On To Your Heart’ bringing the lovable and perennially underrated Scottish trio to the forefront of people’s minds. With poppy shades and ’80s vibes, their fourth record was a testament to their perseverance and knack for pop-rock packed with heart and hooks.

23. YOU ME AT SIX - 'VI'

Feeling like they had a point to prove once more, You Me At Six bounced back with their broadest and most ambitious album in many years. From the radio-friendly, hater-bashing ‘Back Again’, to the snarling ‘Fast Forward’, the guys relit the fire in their bellies, and sought to retake their place as frontrunners of the UK rock game.


Some of the best music comes from difficult places. Such was true for Real Friends, with ‘Composure’ baring the soul of frontman Dan Lambton and his tumultuous 2017, while still charming with the fantastically infectious and sincere flair that first dropped the Illinois quintet onto our radars a few years back.

21. FALL OUT BOY - 'M A  N   I    A'

It may have taken an absolute age to emerge, but ‘M A N I A’ was worth the wait in the end. Experimental yet still infectious, ambitious and boundary-pushing, yet also strangely familiar, Fall Out Boy made sure their name was on everybody’s lips with this little beauty  Question is though, anyone know where we can get a pet llama?

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