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The New Gold Key Track Is Eerie, Moody And Just Excellent

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 31 October 2016 at 15.55

Listen to this band.

Gold Key have so, so much punk and metal royalty in their ranks. Between guitarist Laurent Barnard (Gallows) and Spycatcher's Steve Sears to SikTh's James Leach and Blackhole drummer Jack Kenny, they have a very hefty CV.

Which is why you need to listen to their new song 'Sneaker'. Check out the video below!

"Sneaker is about embracing the unknown and how scary that can sometimes seem. The best things in my life have all come from taking big risks and I think that also sums up Gold Key's approach to music. We're only interested in writing and playing in ways that are pretty scary and new," says Steve Sears.

"A lot of bands over-work their songs," adds Laurent Barnard. "With Gold Key if a track doesn’t comes together within an hour then there’s no point trying to finish it. ‘Sneaker’ was recorded in one night, we didn’t even have time to change the track title from the original guitar demo."

And what's more, the song is available as a pay-what-you-want download on Gold Key's Bandcamp!

Into the video? It was a DIY affair, according to Laurent: "We shot the video with our close friend Rusty who we know through metal band Brotherhood of the Lake. He was a one man team so if you weren’t in front of the camera you were behind the scenes working the ’special effects’."

The band has a handful of shows on the horizon, too!


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16 - CAMDEN Black Heart
26 - TENERIFE RockStage 16

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