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The James Cleaver Quintet

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 10 January 2011 at 10.30

A delightfully messy riot of noise and melody who are always one step away from total meltdown

They aren’t a quintet (there’s four of them) and there’s no one called James Cleaver in the band – what The James Cleaver Quintet are is a viciously imaginative hardcore band from Kent who sound like a mental breakdown set to music, if such a thing is possible. And like their spiritual forefathers Blakfish they're utterly riveting to watch in the same way as watching people fall of skateboards is riveting.

You can stream two tracks below, starting with 'Snakes', the little-heard B-side to last year's excellent 'Chicken Shit (For The Soul)' single. And then little lower is the A-side: see how simple we make this stuff for you?
The James Cleaver Quintet - 'Snakes' by RockSoundMagazine
They’ve been winning admirers left and right since the release of last year’s EP ‘Ten Stages Of A Make Up’ and their forthcoming album is another burst of frayed, damaged hardcore. What makes The JCQ such an invigorating prospect is the fact it feels like there really is no gameplan – their songs seem to start, stop and explode almost at random and watching them is like standing a little bit too close to the edge of a train platform. Chances are everything will be fine but an inch or two in the wrong direction and it’ll all be very different…

In terms of future plans, a tour in February will tee up the release of debut album ‘That Was Then, This Is Now’ in April, and then they'll be hitting the festivals and relentlessly touring around the UK and Europe.
The James Cleaver Quintet - 'Chicken Shit (For The Soul)' by RockSoundMagazine

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